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Joseph Robinson - Editor-in-Chief

Joe has been in the videogames industry since 2007/8. He started off as a writer for gaming website Strategy Informer, which later evolved into GameWatcher, where he also served as Deputy Editor & Marketing Manager. He’s also written for acclaimed websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun & PCGamesN. Prior to becoming EIC at Wargamer Ltd., he spent two years working in Videogames PR, covering eSports and Ent-Tech clients. He is very interested in where digital card games are going, and hopes they become more mobile friendly. He’s also a big fan of utility apps, whether it helps him to build fleet lists for Star Wars: Armada, or go over his decks in Warhammer 40K: Conquest or A Game of Thrones.

Tof Eklund

Tof Eklund is a non-binary transgender parent, professor, and all-purpose geek. They teach courses in game design and game writing at Full Sail University, subsist largely on coffee and dark chocolate, and retain only the most tenuous grasp on consensus reality. Tof's scattershot endeavours include creating mini-comics about Derrida and Deluze, writing feminist smut, and editing a RPG series. Their interests include Android releases, story-driven strategy games, visual novels with sim elements, pixel art, games with LGBTQ themes, and videogame surrealism. Tof's ideal mobile game would be something like Ravenmark meets Hatoful Boyfriend, just set in the world of Vangers, with a meta game like that in Sword and Sworcery.

Nick Vigdahl

Bio coming soon!

Regular Contributors

Matt Thrower
Mark Robinson
Matt Skidmore
Dick Page
Michael Coffer
Brendan Weiskotten


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