"We admit fail": Dungelot 2 yanked from App Store by dev

By Owen Faraday 16 Feb 2014 0
Banished. Banished.

Clancy and I had just barely scratched the surface of Dungelot 2 when developer Dmitry Mitrofanov announced via Twitter and Facebook that he'd got out the family shotgun and euthanised the game just about 48 hours after it went on sale. "I've removed Dungelot 2 from sale at this moment. We admit fail," he said.

Why the dramatic move? "Well...ratings were very bad," Mitrofanov told me today via email. "Tons of bugs."

Ratings were indeed abysmal for the abstract rogue-like. There wasn't much discussion of it here, but on the TouchArcade forums, Dungelot 2's aggressive consumable in-app purchase scheme and spotty localisation had earned it the kind of reception usually reserved for tax audits or pink eye.

"[N]ow the game doesnt even START ANYMORE.. After playing for hours, buying ham [an in-game consumable item] and all that crap. Damnit, disappointment of the year," lamented a TouchArcade poster in that forum's unique grammar and punctuation idiom.

I've spent about an hour with the game and the IAP scheme is indeed fairly aggressive. The game was free, but there was little room to enjoy it without buying a lot of consumable items that seemed to require frequent replenishment with real cash.

If you're a fan: take heart. Dungelot 2 will return in a presumably superior form, Mitrofanov assured me. "We will make update and in a week or two set game again."

Hat-tip to Lou.

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