Armor in sight: First in-game screenshot of World of Tanks Blitz

By Owen Faraday 30 Oct 2013 0
You don't know how much it means to be. Couldn't have given us a Retina screenshot, guys?

Belarusian devs Wargaming have released some images from the in-development World of Tanks Blitz before, but everything we've seen so far were carefully posed calendar shots of the vehicles that were a bikini babe and a vinyl decal away from the SEMA Auto Show.

While I was on holiday a couple of days ago, Wargaming posted the first in-game screenshot showing off Blitz's UI, and new gameplay details were revealed. There's a lot of info to parse through here.

First off: Blitz is an adapted version of World of Tanks for PC, not an entirely new game. The multiplayer-only game drops players into deathmatch teams of 7 (as opposed to the 15 vs 15 battles on PC), so clearly there's no immediate plans for cross-platform play -- which is good, actually. The player's tank looks like a French AMX 38 to me, which suggests that at least some of the tanks from the desktop game are going to be in Blitz, and maybe even the entire tank tree.

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic about first-person shooters on touchscreens, but WoT Blitz might make a believer out of me. World of Tanks has a slower, more deliberate pace than shooters like Call of Duty or Counter-strike. You don't move (or die) as quickly as in those games, and the comparatively long reload time between shots make the shooting less about twitch reflex and more about prudence. WoT PC is also the gold standard for fair, non-grubby free-to-play. That's a recipe that might just work on a tablet.

World of Tanks Blitz is coming to iOS & Android "soon".

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