Atari auction ends with fate of Roller Coaster Tycoon still in doubt

By Owen Faraday 22 Jul 2013 0
It's the lateral Gs. "ATARI AUCTION looks too intense for me."

The intellectual property fire sale that the bankrupt Atari announced earlier in the year was conducted last week in Manhattan. The gaming franchises that were sold to pay the company's creditors included Star Control, Total Annihilation, and Master of Orion -- but Roller Coaster Tycoon did not appear within the list of sold properties in the notice Atari's lawyers filed with the US Bankruptcy Court.

Why didn't Roller Coaster Tycoon change hands? Atari clearly felt that the sandbox theme park business sim series was its most valuable franchise: the minimum bid that Atari had set for RCT was $3.5 million, many times higher than it was asking for most of its other IPs. But for now, nobody seems to have been willing to part with that kind of scratch for the thrill ride-designing and puke-mopping sim.

So for the moment, the fate of the RCT property and the Roller Coaster Tycoon mobile game that was in development are up in the air. It's possible that Atari will now have another sale with RCT and its other unsold properties shifting at a knockdown price, like THQ did with Darksiders earlier this year. Maybe series creator Chris Sawyer will try to get his hand in now that he's come back from the wilderness.

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