Battle of the Bulge followup Drives on Moscow next week

By Owen Faraday 14 Nov 2013 0
Winter is coming. Winter is coming.

Shenandoah Studio have finally given us a date for the release of the second game in the Crisis in Command series that they kicked off with the masterful Battle of the Bulge last December: next Wednesday night. Drive on Moscow for iPad moves the operational-level WWII wargame to the Eastern Front, where the Germans are attempting to encircle Moscow and force the Soviet Union's surrender before the approaching winter freezes their invasion.

Moscow will come with a variety of single player AIs just like Bulge did, as well as multiplayer. There are three scenarios included with the game, and a full-on single-player campaign that I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into.

There weren't too many aspects of Battle of the Bulge that could be called lacklustre, but the game's multiplayer game browser was practically non-existent and there wasn't any chat facility -- Shenandoah's Brad has sent us an exclusive trailer that digs into Drive on Moscow's greatly enhanced multiplayer options below.

Here's just the regular old trailer you could get from any riff-raff site.

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