Brace yourselves, change is coming

By Dave Neumann 16 Mar 2016 0
Welcome your new overlord Welcome your new overlord

In early February we relaunched our sister site, The Wargamer, with a new look, new forums, new everything. At that time, I mentioned that this site, our beloved Pocket Tactics, would be getting a similar facelift at some point in the future. That future is now. Or, not quite "now", but really soon, like within 24 hours. I know there was some trepidation about the change, so let's talk.

The initial redesign concept began over a year ago when Owen sent me the first wireframe of what he wanted the new Pocket Tactics to look like. What we're getting isn't too far off from his vision (his was even busier, if you can imagine), and I'm proud to be allowed to carry that torch as we head forward. The redesign will also allow us to integrate with The Wargamer and our upcoming umbrella site, Strategy Gamer as well.

If you haven't been to the new Wargamer since it was launched in early February, we've made a lot of changes. Gone are the "featured articles" that took up precious real estate at the top of the page. They've been moved to the side and out of the way (completely invisible on a mobile device). Also, comments have been made inline to appear with the articles rather than sending you off to the forums to contribute. This was a must have for us, and it's been implemented wonderfully. New comments also means that we're ditching Vanilla, so we should be shaking off any and all of the login issues that have been plaguing the site since about 2013 or so. That goes for the forums as well. The new forums will be merged with the Wargamer forums and the old forums will be going away. Not "away" away. We'll still have a link where you can access them and continue the conversations that have been going on there since time immemorial. That said, we're looking forward to new conversations when the new forums launch.

We'll continue to have tabs for the Review Index and Awards, just like we do now. The 2016 Review Index will even be operational on the new site, which is a bonus. We'll also have something that's been missing from The Wargamer since February: a working RSS feed. Both the Pocket Tactics and The Wargamer RSS feeds will be working when the new site launches.

The most important thing is that we'll have the same people behind the scenes that we've always had. All our writers are excited to continue bringing you the best (and worst) of what the App Store can offer. We're still going to try to do it wish a dash of humor and references that I usually don't understand.

While the make and model have changed, it's still the same engine under the hood. We hope you climb aboard and enjoy the ride. We promise to not let Kelsey have control of the 8-track. We can only handle so much Abba.
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