Buzz kill: Apple rejects Buzz Aldrin-designed game for featuring Buzz Aldrin

By Owen Faraday 03 Mar 2015 0
Touch-and-go landing. Touch-and-go landing.

I was over at Slitherine yesterday talking to director Iain McNeil and--you're gonna love this--he told me that Apple have rejected Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager because the game "contains well-known third parties". Bwuh?

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager has been in production at Polar Motion for a couple of years, with Slitherine publishing. The game is meant to be a spiritual successor to the classic space sim Race Into Space, and is being made with significant input from Buzz himself -- America's most storied (Apple gets touchy about those sometimes.

After the "realistic violence" fiasco and the German/Soviet "enemies" affair, I feel bad for the Apple approvals people. They get mocked when they mess up and don't get noticed at all when they do their jobs right. So let's just thank them for giving Slitherine a reason to tell us that Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager will be out for iPad soon -- assuming this nonsense gets cleared up.

Read my preview from last year to get a feel for what's coming.

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