Conquest of Elysium 3 bound for Android (and maybe iOS)

By Owen Faraday 13 May 2014 0
Doctorate in cold rocking it. Doctorate in cold rocking it.

About once a year, the Platform Exclusivity Gods look down upon Android with great pity and --in their benevolence-- grant it a desirable game that iOS users can't have. This month, on May 27th, it will be that rarest of days.

Coming to Android on that date is Conquest of Elysium 3, the streamlined, simplified cousin of the Dominions games for PC. I wouldn't fault you if none of that rings a bell, but for some folks the Dominions series represent some of the greatest multiplayer strategy games ever made.

Dominions is a fantasy strategy game as designed by the Comic Book Guy. The games take place in a universe where every sword-and-sworcery being you can imagine coexists. Cthulhu-style Old Ones? Yes. Tolkien-esque little folk? Uh-huh. The result is a turn-based empire-building game so famously complex that by the time you've learned the properties of enough spells and unique fantasy races to win a match, you invariably slouch back in your chair and weep when you realise that you could have learned French or gotten a Class C drivers licence with all the energy you'd put into it. It's huge, is what I'm saying.

Conquest of Elysium is a shaved down slice of its big brother Dominions. This is not to say that it's Pac-Man or anything -- it's still a roguelike strategy game that you're going to have to read the manual to play. If that hasn't frightened you off, stay tuned for CoE3's launch on Android in a couple of weeks. There's more details about the game on Swedish developer IllWinter's website.

Oh, and what about iOS? Nothing concrete yet, but I'm told that the possibility exists. Apple owners desperate for an old-school RPG experience on their iPads could check out Avadon 2 in the meantime.

After the jump, twenty minutes of that nice chap James Allen from Out of 8 Reviews playing Conquest of Elysium 3 on PC.

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