Cut (features) and deal: Crunch Time, a game dev card game

By Owen Faraday 15 Sep 2014 0
Petra Promises interned with 22 Cans last summer. Petra Promises interned with 22 Cans last summer.

There is clearly no better way to start the week than with a game about work. Crunch Time is a card game for iPad and desktops (and a light-hearted one at that) from Spanish developer David Teruel Ledesma where your goal is to ship your game before your opponent does. You can deploy cards to sabotage your rival studio, which undercuts Crunch Time's marketing claim about "discover[ing] how a video game is really developed", unless there's a hidden Spy vs Spy aspect to the games industry that's being criminally under-reported.

It looks like it could be a lot fun -- I'm going to put one of our guys on the case to review it. Watch the trailer below and check out Ledesma's website where the industrious developer is collecting ideas for Crunch Time 2 already. I'm not sure if there's multiplayer to this one -- I'll find out.

Update: No multiplayer, says Señor Ledesma.

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