Before the dawn: iPad port of Darkest Dungeon is "on roadmap"

By Owen Faraday 09 Feb 2015 0
With a bit of uplighting and some halogen spots we could do wonders for this room. With a bit of uplighting and some halogen spots we could do wonders for this room.

The first game in 2015 to cause me to violate our moratorium on games with "dungeon" in their titles is Darkest Dungeon, a permadeath-heavy turn-based RPG that I was completely unaware of until Civ 4 designer and Mohawk Games founder Soren Johnson illuminated it to me this weekend. "Darkest Dungeon is going to be an incredible iPad game," quoth Johnson, and boy is he right.

I played the PC early access build a while yesterday and Darkest Dungeon is nothing short of terrific, even in this pre-release state. You have an XCOM-style barracks full of adventurers that you send into an abyss filled with Eldritch horrors, provisioning each party with rations (everybody has to eat periodically or they start to go mad), torches (the game's difficulty increases as your light sources fade) and other goods. Adventurers that come back out (if any) get stronger, but also need to unwind in the upgradeable inns and chapels of the town, lest they start to develop psychoses or interrupt Grammy acceptance speeches. It's excellent.

Now about that iPad version -- Soren Johnson was engaging a bit of wishful thinking there, as one hasn't been announced. But on Twitter, the game's designer Tyler Sigman said that a tablet edition was very much in Red Hook Studios' plans:

I'd be all over that, and I bet you lot would, too. Watch the trailer after the jump, then go ply Tyler Sigman with charming and witty requests for a port on Twitter.

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