Door Kickers might be planning a mission to your tablet

By Owen Faraday 11 Feb 2013 0
I was in a punk band called Door Kickers in high school. True story. Home invasion was persuasive.

After Dan Dimitrescu left Ubisoft with credits under his belt for the Silent Hunter and Assassin's Creed series, he decided he wanted to do a little breaking and entering.

"A couple of years ago, it struck me that a small screen can easily show a house plan," Dimitrescu told me last week. "Then my obsession with Rainbow Six and special forces kicked in."

Those with fond memories of the urban tactical mission planning from the early Rainbow Six games and everybody who's on the edge of their seat waiting for Frozen Synapse for iPad will do well to keep an eye out for Door Kickers. Working for the past couple of years months under the colourful moniker Killhouse Games, Dimitrescu is getting to the point where he needs a hand up to finish it.

"Door Kickers was conceived as an iPhone game idea, but we'll have to crowdfund and thats easier done on the PC," Dimitrescu said. He's planning on opening the game up to alpha funding in a few weeks, following the model Introversion used to scaffold the development of Prison Architect. "We're still working on the initial alpha build that donors would receive instantly when pre-ordering the game. Depending on the success of the crowdfunding we'll be able to make more accurate plans for the iOS/tablets versions."

An exclusive screenshot of Door Kickers is after the jump. We'll let you know when the alpha funding gets rolling.

UPDATE: Correction to how long Door Kickers has been in the works in the third paragraph.

The flashbang effect in Door Kickers. A flashbang-assisted entry.
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