Exclusive: Political espionage game Sigma Theory is the next project from Out There creators Mi-Clos Studio

By Owen Faraday 13 Feb 2015 0
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We're the first English-language publication to get this news, which has already been revealed in a French magazine, a Klingon Usenet group, and an Esperanto skater zine: Mi-Clos Studio's next major release will be Sigma Theory, a turn-based political espionage game with a sci-fi-flavoured contemporary setting. If you don't want to play a House of Cards-inspired spy thriller from the team that made Out There, you need to talk to your doctor about adjusting your meds.

Details after the break.

"For a long time I wanted to put the player into a character that carries a lot of responsibility, who has power but is accountable, like a CEO," Mi-Clos founder Michael Peiffert told Games Magazine earlier this month. "[That kind of person] is subject to a lot of pressure, and might be forced to make immoral decisions. Imagine something like House of Cards, where the higher you climb the greater the fall if you fail."

The player will be cast as the head of a covert organization (Peiffert specifically namechecks Saul from Homeland here) in a world where competing superpowers are racing to gain a technological edge on one another. The player will work to sabotage other countries' efforts, and some of the options will be less savoury than others -- like arming terrorist groups.

"As a teenager, I played games where you were a knight or a hero with supernatural powers," Peiffert said to Games. "Today truth is stranger than fiction. Snowden's case is even more incredible than any novel of espionage. Kim Dotcom, a character that could have come from a gonzo comedy movie, gave us a glimpse of what might be the organized crime of the future. The human adventure is a thousand times more exciting than [the stories we grew up with]."

Peiffert told me today that they'll be supporting iOS, Android, and PC for this one, which is already in prototyping. Peiffert's writing partner FibreTigre already has a 200-page bible written for Sigma Theory. Mi-Clos has got a couple of irons in the fire right now: the expanded Out There Omega Edition is due to drop very soon, which will be a free update for existing owners of that remarkable sci-fi adventure. They've also got Out There Chronicles, an interactive fiction adventure in the same universe nearing completion.

We'll keep our ears to the ground for more Sigma Theory details.
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