Find another gear: Motorsport Manager in the works for iOS

By Owen Faraday 23 Jun 2014 0
"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

Auto racing manager games belong to a strategy genre that been lying fallow since the 1990s. Want to manage a football team? Covered. Baseball team? No problem. Chariot-racing team? You got it. But auto-racing management is nowhere to be found on iOS, unless you want to count Kairsoft's unbearably cute Grand Prix Story. I sure don't.

If his game is as good as its trailer is pretty, former Hello Games dev Christian West is going to single-handedly bring back the auto racing management genre. I hope.

Motorsport Manager is an iOS sim where you play the under-employed billionaire running an auto-racing team. West doesn't have any expensive licensing deals but you can choose to compete in not-Formula 1, not-NASCAR, and two other any-resemblance-to-real-racing-competitions-is-purely-coincidental cups. You hire drivers and engineers, build your own test track, and research and improve your car. When race day comes along, you have complete tactical control over pitting and tire choice, and you can even watch each race simulated in real time if you want to get the whole 3-hour grand prix experience and really alienate your significant other.

The game is in the works for iOS and it's coming out on July 23rd. Motorsport Manager will be premium-priced ("No IAPS -- but I'm not sure about the price yet", West told me) and we will be covering the heck out of it because this is so far up my street my neighbours had to move. West is on Twitter if you want to follow him there.

Watch the tilt-shifty trailer after the jump -- you're going to need to full-screen it or get your nose right up to the glass on this one because the gameplay is a bit squished into the middle. Worth it, though. This is a nice trailer.

Hat-tip to Devensega.

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