Forget-me-dot: Dotello is new puzzler for iOS/Android

By Dave Neumann 13 Mar 2015 0
Move dots anywhere? Is this really a puzzle game? Move dots anywhere? Is this really a puzzle game?

I'm sure there were many before it, but the first minimalist puzzle game I can remember that really grabbed my attention was Letterpress. It was a great game, sure, but the presentation was simple, relaxing, and, dare I say, pleasant. Since then, it seems like every other puzzle game has latched onto the graphic style. That's not a terrible thing, but it would be nice if we could move on and try something new.

Dotello is a new puzzler that hasn't moved on. Minimalist seems too weak a word. It's dots on a white background. It doesn't look bad, by any means, but the trailer also doesn't do a very good job of telling me what the hell the point is. It looks like a match-3 game, but looks like you can move the dots to wherever you want instead of the usual sliding mechanism. In any regards, it's a puzzle game for iOS Universal, so I'll probably at least give it a try. It's free to play, as well, and the IAP only appears to let you continue a game. It's a slow Friday, folks.

Nab Dotello for iOS Universal, and take a look at the trailer after the break.

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