Full Control will paint your army for you: Space Hulk Fangs of Fenris announced

By Owen Faraday 11 Oct 2013 0
Do Space Marines have a barber apothecary? I don't recommend having a beard that long if you're operating a flamer.

Remember August? I was young then, and beautiful. And naïve. After playing the PC version of Space Hulk and reporting back with my findings, innocent Summer Owen said that one of the game's missed opportunities was the lack of an army customizer to let you paint your Space Marine models to your liking.

Now this morning, the scales have fallen from my eyes. Full Control have announced the reason for the lack of customization options: Space Wolf DLC. Properly speaking, the Fangs of Fenris campaign, a paid-for enhancement that is arriving hot on the heels of the free Messenger of Purgatory expansion that Full Control released earlier this week as an apology for the wonky state of the game at launch.

Besides the Space Werewolf Vikings themselves, the expansion adds new weapons and promises to add "new gameplay styles and methodology into the classic turn based action", though details beyond that are a bit sparse. Fangs of Fenris is due out in late 2013 -- presumably it will make its way to the forthcoming iPad release.

So there you go: that's why you can't cover your Space Hulk terminators in skull decals like a Motörhead tribute band or heretically glam them up like Craftworld Eldar.
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