Give your heart and other organs to the new Antihero trailer

By Owen Faraday 24 Feb 2015 0
Yoink Yoink

Here's an update about Tim Conkling's Antihero which you may recall we first discovered last autumn. The former Three Rings dev has been working steadily but game release dates are slippery buggers and he's now talking about a mid-2015 launch for the game on mobile and desktops, a slightly more distant window than the previous prediction of "early 2015". Antihero's unique premise was the thing that really cut my purse last year: this is a 4X game where you're the boss of a gang of Dickensian street urchins, battling for control of the grimy streets of Victorian London.

If that conceit doesn't grab you somehow, you should still watch this new trailer that Conkling sent over yesterday evening. It's soundtracked by the best gothic honky-tonk murder ballad you've ever heard. Admittedly, you haven't heard too many of those (right?) but you really, really should hear this one.

Keep tabs on Antihero on the game's website, and watch the trailer below.

That song, by the by, is "I'll Bury You", by Darius Greene. "It wasn't created for Antihero," Conkling told me. "I got in touch with Darius after discovering the song on SoundCloud and falling in love." I'm in love, too.
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