I Need A Hero: New Star Realms Expansion Out Now

By Joe Robinson 06 Jul 2016 7

White Wizard's excellent Star Realms deck-building game has received a new expansion for the iOS & Android apps – Crisis: Heroes. This is according to a tweet posted from the game's official account.

Heroes is the third of four packs in the 'Crisis' expansion, which has already been released for the physical game. The first set, 'Bases & Battleships', was released in October last year. The second, 'Events', was earlier this year. The fourth set, 'Fleets and Fortresses', has yet to be given a release date.


Heroes are a new type of card for the Trade Deck which go directly into play when acquired instead of to your discard pile. They await your command to rally allies and can give you a much-needed boost on a bad turn.

There are 12 new cards in this expansion: 2x 'Cunning Captain', 1x 'Admiral Rasmussen', 2x 'Ram Pilot', 1x 'Blob Overlord', 2x 'War Elder', 1x 'High Priest Lyle', 2x 'Special Ops Director' and 1x 'CEO Torres'.

To purchase/unlock Heroes, select online play or go to Chapter 7 in Campaigns. Heroes is priced at $1.99 USD via an IAP, like the other two packs in this set. 

If you're a fan of deck-building games and enjoy sci-fi themes, then I'd definitely recommend this regardless of whether you get the physical or digital version.

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Here's the official YouTube Trailer:



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