Infinite space exploration game Tiny Trek crowdfunds a 2014 launch

By Owen Faraday 18 Nov 2013 0
"Wait a minute -- you guys said we'd all wear red shirts." "Wait a minute -- you guys said we'd all wear red shirts."

I know we've been burned before by games that promised open-world exploration in a sci-fi universe, but those disappointments don't make our desire for a proper Star Trek-style sandbox game any less fervent. And I think this one is it.

Chris Carson is the creator of 2011's stripped-down iOS 4X Vincere Totus Astrum, and he's back with a new Kickstarter project called Tiny Trek for whom I opened up my wallet at warp speed. Tiny Trek starts you out by creating a homeworld whence your explorers will depart. The properties of your home world influence the characteristics of your race, who then make a procedurally designed starship (which you can edit) that you take into space.

On your journey, Carson tells us, you'll have to find resources to repair and refuel, and you'll encounter strange aliens and worlds -- all procedurally generated. But from time to time, you'll find what Carson calls an "episode trigger". Here's how he explains those.
For instance, you may locate a plasma trail during interstellar travel. The bridge crew would then ask you if you would like to investigate. If you choose yes, then the game may take you to a ship in distress in an asteroid field, or one that is under attack or has crashed on a planet. From there, your choices affect the rest of the episode. Attacking the damaged vessel will mark you an enemy of that race whereas tractoring them out makes them a friend.

I don't know about you, but this is the game I've wanted to play my whole life. Carson's plan is to ship in May 2014 for iOS, Android, PC, and whatever else you got, but I think I speak for everyone when I say HURRY UP CHRIS CARSON.

Go to Kickstarter immediately and pour your monies onto Tiny Trek. I'll see if I can't convince Chris Carson to tell us more about this wonderful idea of his. A pitch video awaits your attention below (the game needs to be seen in motion to really be appreciated) along with some alpha screenshots.

The view from the Captain's chair. The view from the Captain's chair.

Orbiting a strange new world. Orbiting a strange new world.

Creating your ship. Creating your ship.
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