News By Numbers - March 13th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 13 Mar 2017 2

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.

Unnamed Game: 1st game by 1 man development team

First-time game developer Oskar Stålberg is working on a game he intends to be a cross between Tower Defense & Total War. 


It'll be a single-player real-time strategy game based on Viking raids. You must defend your territory from waves of enemy ships. As you defeat them you'll gain gold and experience you can use to upgrade your warriors. The game environment will shift as you play, starting out in a once peaceful island village but moving into different terrain and tactical challenges.

Bows and Spears

The detritus of war will build up—bodies and broken ships—and soldiers will display fear, courage, and other emotions and do things like take potshots, step back to catch their breath, and change morale when emboldened or overwhelmed. The game doesn't have a name yet and Oskar hopes to release to iOS, Android, and PC this year, but given it's his first game is uncertain if that timetable is overly ambitious or not. Whenever it releases, the early looks at gameplay (which can and probably will change) already look great to me. Check out the media on Oskar's twitter for more cool GIFs and progress shots.


Hearthstone: £1.00 per pack increase

Price changes are coming to Hearthstone in Great Britain and the European Union on March 22, right before the new expansion goes live. The price for a pair of packs will go up from €2.69 to €2.99 and £1.99 to £2.99 and things scale from there depending on how many packs you're getting. If you live in an affected area and were looking to get any current cards, now's the time.


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: version 1.1

I really enjoyed The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, check out my review for why, but I did have one pet peeve: the landscape orientation was locked to one side. This is a problem for my iPad Pro's keyboard case/stand which I frequently use when playing a game. I suspect this is the case for many tablet case-stands. It wasn't a big enough deal to affect my review, many gamers probably wouldn't care, but thankfully Tin Man Games just released an update to the game that fixed the issue and enabled both left and right landscape modes. Huzzah for updates!


Subterfuge: 2 Kings

Subterfuge is a week-long game of expansion, diplomacy, and submarine combat—and extremely effective for those that feel they get too much sleep. It's been very nearly a year since we've seen a update for the game and the last couple have just been keep-the-lights-on type bug fixes. Last Thursday the game got a little rebalancing. The effects of multiple Kings no longer stack. If you've played the game you know how big of a change this is. The race to one and then two Kings often defined a game. Getting one aroused fear and suspicion, two made you an immediate target, and usually a front-runner to win the game. Subterfuge is one of the best unsuccessful games ever to grace mobile devices and I simultaneously love and hate it. It won the Pocket Tactics multiplayer game-of-the-year in 2015. There are a bunch of really interesting gameplay videos on YouTube that are fun to watch and will likely make you want to play, the first of my favorite series is below for your convenience. The King is dead, long live the King!

Reigns expansion: 2-3 week delay

Some dastardly bugs delayed the Reigns expansion, expected on March 8, by two to three weeks based on this tweet.

Swipe left to send the army after the bugs. Swipe right to introduce the King to the guillotine for this transgression.

The Room Old Sins: 4th game in the series

The Room games, by Fireproof Games, are really good and very popular puzzle games that make great use of a touchscreen interface. The last entry in the series, The Room Three, got five stars on this site back in November of 2015. Fireproof Games recently announced that they will be continuing the series with The Room: Old Sins, due in late 2017 on iOS and Android.

The Room Old Sins

Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion: $4.99

The barbarians are coming! This month! In Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion you must choose your side. You can play as the Roman Empire beating back the advancing hordes, or do your utmost to lead your people into the heart of the civilized world and sack Rome. Barbarian Invasion will feature the same compelling turn-based and real-time strategy components of the franchise and has undoubtedly been as painstakingly recreated for the iPad as the original. We'll have first thoughts and a full review on this one once it is released.

Elder Scrolls Legends: 5 platforms

Faeria isn't the only CCG with news this month. Elder Scrolls: Legends has come out of beta on for PC and the iPad launch is coming 3/23 with Android Tablets (April), Mac OS (May), and Mobile Phones (early Summer) to follow. The game is focused on the continent of Tamriel its creatures, characters and lore, many of which we've already been introduced to in prior games. It features a double-lane battlefield, each with different conditions, and players must decide onto which lane they want to cast spells. We'll have a lot more to say about Elder Scrolls: Legends later this month, but for now, check out the gameplay overview for more. We also featured this game during our CCG special last year.

Card Thief: next 7 days

Apple is doing a cool indie-game promotion in the App Store from March 9 through March 20. It is great to see some indie games (and devs) get their due. We also have confirmation from Tinytouchtales, the makers of the forthcoming Card Thief, that the game will be launched sometime during that promotion. The comments were made in Toucharcade's forum post for the game. So we'll see it sometime in the next week! Check out more on this stealthy Solitaire-style game here.

Card Thief2

Ascension: 10th expansion

Many happenings for the venerable deck-building card game Ascension. Not only was War of Shadows released for mobile devices last week but Gift of the Elements, a new expansion, is coming March 20th to the physical version of the game. Unfortunately mobile fans of the game must wait, but we can safely assume this expansion will eventually appear on mobile like those before it. Gift of the Ancients will bring back events and will add some brand new mechanics including Infest and Empower. There will also be some interesting new cards including a Hero that lets you draw 4 cards and a card with the text, "You win the game." Check out more details about the expansion here and we'll let you know when this one is heading to your mobile device.


Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest: 18 masterpiece cards

Version 1.10.2 introduces 18 masterpiece cards, super powerful—and hard to find—mythic rares from the Kaladesh and Aether Revolt sets. They can only be found in the new Elite Packs in the Vault and sometimes in Kaladesh Booster Packs. Elite packs will be purchasable using Mana Jewels, a new currency in the game. These packs offer a single card and guarantees a mythic with a chance for a masterpiece. Every two weeks the card pool available through Elite Packs will rotate and you can view what is currently available. Mana Jewels can be obtained by playing events and two new ones are also being added: Trial of the Planes and Planeswalker Arena. So if you felt like there weren't enough chase cards in the game, this update is for you!

Wurmcoil Engine

That's it for this edition of News by Numbers. If you've got a news item worth sharing send it my way on Twitter @MrVigabool and it may show up in a future edition.



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