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By Tof Eklund 04 Feb 2017 1

You’ve seen True Stories, right? This week’s releases are astonishing, unfinished, bloody, and puzzling. I’ve got everything from uplifting metal strategy to castaway Vikings and from big-eyed bouncing gastropods to sequels without prequels. I’ll be on hiatus as I move to the other side of the planet soon, so this is my last post until sometime mid-late March. Never fear, Nick will be picking up the new-release slack while I’m gone.

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The Astonishing Game (iOS & Android)

It’s astonishing! What’s astonishing? The Astonishing! The heart of this game is based on Turbo Tape’s previous release, symmetrical TBS UHR Warlords (TBS for “Turn Based Strategy,” nest c’pas, UHR for… I have no idea). The Astonishing adds a campaign and story based on pro metal band Dream Theatre’s album of the same title. It’s artists versus autocrats in this one, and Nick’s working on the review as we speak.

Be Astonished on iOS or Android

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Corpse Party: Blood Drive (iOS & Android)

The super-creepy sequel to Japanese Cult classic Corpse Party: Blood Drive makes the leap into 3D while keeping the “looks like a JRPG, plays like an adventure game” style of the original while adding visual novel-style interactions to the mix. Publisher 5pb. has put the original Corpse Party and Steins;Gate on sale to celebrate. Just don’t get mixed up and buy the Japanese or Korean versions by mistake.

The kids aren’t alright on iOS & Android.


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (iOS & Android)

A new fantasy-comedy adventure game from the old school, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 will appeal to fans of Kings Quest, Monkey Island, and the Discworld adventure games. In celebration of the release of The Book of Unwritten 2 on mobile, the original Book of Unwritten Tales is… unavailable on iOS or Android. Oh well.

Get the sequel before someone finishes it on iOS or Android


Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron (iOS)

Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron is the sequel to the original Snailboy, which is no longer available… wait a gosh-darn minute, what is going on here? Where have all the prequels gone?!? Ahem. Anyway it’s a platformer with a slingshot mechanic, not typical PT fare, but it also has some featherweight RPG mechanics and arguably Metroidvania elements (repeating levels with new abilities: no map). Snailboy comes as a free demo with a single IAP for full unlock, which makes it low risk to try, if you can get through the “Annoying Orange”-worthy intro.

Hop, hop,  jump! Hop on it… on iOS.


The Frostrune (iOS & Android)

The Frostrune is a hand-painted Adventure game based on Norse mythology. It’s a dark and puzzle-focussed tale about a shipwrecked Viking and the devs swear it’s scrupulously faithful to the sagas. It’s a bit like Year Walk, just with 100% fewer horses in suits and vastly greater odds of being mistaken for a Blind Guardian album.

The skalds will sing your tale - if you live to tell it - on iOS or Android.

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Warlock’s Tower (iOS & Android)

You are a postal worker in an OG Gameboy fantasy world. Your job suuuuuucks: you have to deliver a letter to the top level of the Warlock’s tower, and every time you move in this turn-based puzzler, you lose a life. Why? Look, it’s a Warlock’s tower, okay? In order to survive, you have to pick up floating orbs of life energy as you go (Warlock’s tower), avoid monsters (Warlock’s tower) and traps (Warlock’s tower) and make good use of escalator-like conveyor belts (Warlock’s tow… okay, how about we just pretend it’s a JC Penny’s?).

Insurance and delivery confirmation are NOT available on iOS and Android.

fire emblem heroes4

Fire Emblem: Heroes (iOS & Android)

When Nintendo announced Super Mario Run for iOS, everyone thought it would be FTP. Instead, it was a premium game - the free download was just a demo. Now another flagship Nintendo franchise is coming to mobile, and this time it’s Fire Emblem! And this time it IS FTP. Couldn’t they have done it the other way ‘round or at least have made the IAP for specific content: complementary sets of heroes whose lives will be dramatically ended when some peon rolls a critical hit? I hate virtual currencies, but people are saying nice things about Fire Emblem: Heroes… so maybe I’ll give it a peek. [I've given it a couple of hours - it's not bad to be honest. Fire Emblems Lite w/ FTP -ED]

Marth, oh Marth, wherefore art thou, Marth? On iOS and Android.



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