The Peggle-pocalypse is upon us: EA prepares to replace PopCap classic with free-to-play version

By Owen Faraday 22 May 2014 0
What have we done to deserve this What have we done to deserve this

You gotta hand it to EA -- when they set out to become moustache-twirling villains, they don't half-ass it. EA's moustaches are currently twirling so fast there's a tornado warning in Redwood City.

The Argus-like Mark Brown eternally has one eye gazing upon the New Zealand App Store, the place where publishers go to quietly test out new products. Yesterday, Mark reported that in Kiwi Land, EA has yanked the universally-beloved PopCap classic Peggle from that App Store and replaced it with an F2P version that limits your ability to play unless you continually plunk cash into it.

I can't honestly think of game less suited to a free-to-play model than Peggle. The whole point of PopCap's games is that they were casual little time-wasters that you could just fall into for a while to unwind -- an effect that will be entirely undone by a free-to-play game's constant wheedling for cash.

It's not enough that EA is taking old intellectual properties and making new F2P games out of them -- now they're disappearing perfectly good games down the memory hole in their headlong pursuit of a questionable business strategy. Soon, there will be nothing left of the old pre-EA PopCap.

So if you don't have Peggle or Peggle HD already, you might want to go to a non-New Zealand App Store right now and get them before EA disappears them from any other markets.

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