Starting Monday: Guest Week at Pocket Tactics!

By Owen Faraday 25 May 2012 0
Take good care of the site while I'm gone, you guys. Take good care of the site while I'm gone, you guys.

Citizens, it is with (admittedly, not too much) regret that I must inform you that next week I will be on a lovely seaside holiday with Lady Faraday, eating crustaceans in the wan British sun. Posts on Pocket Tactics next week will be made not by me, but by the unfeeling clockwork hands of WordPress, with whom I have made some arrangements.

Excited as I am about crabs and my plans to tame them into an army of be-clawed butlers, I am equally excited about what's going on right here on the site starting Monday. Next week will feature a guest post every day by a collection of truly brilliant folks who have kindly spared their time to write for Pocket Tactics. Next week's schedule looks like this:

Monday, 28 MayTuesday, 29 MayWednesday, 30 MayThursday, 31 MayFriday, 1 June
The Making of Rebuild, by Sarah NorthwayAn (Un)Expected Revolution: Tablets and the Future of Strategy Gaming, by Troy GoodfellowThe Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled: Solium Infernum, by Geoff ByersX-Com: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Failure, by Richard CobbettMy Thoughts on iOS Turn-based Tactical Games, by Julian Gollop

  • Monday's poster, Sarah Northway, is one half of indie game studio Northway Games. Sarah's game Rebuild is one of my absolute favorite games of any stripe and is available for every conceivable device, from iPhones to Android, and even the godforsaken Blackberry Playbook. She's currently helping husband Colin with the forthcoming Northway Games title Incredipede.

  • Midway through the week, we have Geoff Byers, the senior editor of Britian's venerable strategy game community Strategy Core. Geoff writes about one of his favorite games of all time, the (sadly, PC-only) Solium Infernum. Geoff is a great guy but positively treacherous to play Battle Academy against, I don't recommend it.

  • Thursday, one of my favorite writers on the subject of games, Richard Cobbett, writes about the elusive magic of the original X-Com. Richard is a contributor to many fine publications, including Eurogamer and PC Gamer, and is frequently called upon by Rock Paper Shotgun (kind of like how Wolverine is occasionally one of the Avengers).

  • Finally, on Friday: Julian Gollop, the legendary games designer behind Laser Squad, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, and of course, X-Com. Julian was good enough to play three iOS turn-based tactical games that followed in the footsteps of his creations, and he'll tell us what he thought of them. It sounds like the setup for an MST3K spin-off, but no - it's Guest Week at Pocket Tactics!

See you all in a week or so.
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