Still not done building this damn boat...

By Dave Neumann 07 Dec 2015 0
Only 150 meters to medal? Gravy. Only 150 meters to medal? Gravy.

You Must Build a Boat was the unlikely-titled sequel to Luca Redwood's classic dungeon crawl puzzler, 1000000. Turns out, it was a better game in nearly every aspect that its progenitor and presented hours of delightful match-3 gameplay, which is not something you encounter every day. Like its indie-brethren, Card Crawl, which we announced is getting a major content boost next week, YMBAB is also getting a major update. The only difference is that YMBAB's update went live today.

The major new addition is the inclusion of a Daily Challenge mode, which will bring a brand new dungeon to your touchscreen each day. Luca's also added new skins to the game, so you can unlock all new looks for your entire crew. There are also some other effects, such changing things up ever time you finish the game, and removing the tutorial if you do wrap around and start over from scratch. He's also added Game Center achievements for those of us who are into that sort of thing.

Luca originally intended this update to go live this Thursday, but he pressed the wrong button so it's out on the App Store now. You can pick up YMBAB for iOS Universal, Android, and Kindle devices for $3. Original release trailer after the break for those of you scratching your head about this entire post.'ll buy it for the chiptunes alone.

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