Stronghold Kingdoms gets first trailer, disappointment reigns

By Dave Neumann 16 Mar 2016 0
If there's one thing we know about medieval peasants, they loved their statuary.

Nothing like a cold and rainy spring morning to have your hopes shattered. I heard about Stronghold Kingdoms last year and was hopeful that it would hew close to the Stronghold line of PC games that started back in 2001. I've never played them, but their mixture of real-time strategy and castle building always seemed like it would be a fun romp. Today, Firefly Studios dropped the trailer for the mobile version of Stronghold, titled Clash of Strongholds Stronghold Kingdoms. I haven't played the game, so I might be all wet on my early dismissal of it, but when they happily pop the words "Play for Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*" in a trailer, I worry.

Doing a little research (thanks, Wikipedia!) Stronghold Kingdoms has been around since 2012 on PCs and has always been a free-to-play game with an in-game currency, Crowns, that let you purchase new strategy cards. You can also purchase "premium tokens" which allow you to automate much of your gameplay while offline. All of this sounds pretty terrible, and the Steam reviews seem to indicate that our fears are not unfounded. Many of the negative reviews criticize the game's pay-to-win mechanisms which, if true, means we'll be steering clear of this one when it lands.

Stronghold Kingdoms will be arriving for iOS and Android this summer and the trailer is after the break. There's a good chance this will be the last time we speak of Stronghold Kingdoms, so you should probably enjoy it.

*I might have added an extra exclamation point or 20.

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