T-34s from the Tiller man: Panzer Campaigns out on Android, iOS soon

By Owen Faraday 16 Sep 2013 0
Panzers aren't cuddly. T-34s are a little, maybe. The press release calls the game "Touch Panzer Campaigns", which makes it sound strangely cuddly.

I'm up to here [waves hand around at head level] with features I need to finish writing so there won't be too many more posts today, but I'd be remiss for not giving you the heads-up about Panzer Campaigns, which just materialized over the weekend for Android and is bound for iOS very shortly.

Panzer Campaigns is an offering from John Tiller Software, the computer wargaming outfit who brought us the barebones air combat strategy game Modern Air Power a couple of months ago, and it's based on operation-level wargames for the PC of the same name. According to a release some tipsters sent me, it models 18 Eastern Front WWII scenarios, including an extensive tutorial. It's also free, so get in there. Did John Tiller become an independently wealthy wargame philanthropist at some point? I have no idea how he intends to make money off of either this game or MAP, unless there's some paid DLC on the way.

This is a hex-and-counter game, so if you're a wargame noob, have a look at the quick & dirty guide to NATO symbols I posted a couple of weeks ago before you dive in. I should write a beginner's guide to wargames now that we're really starting to get some good ones on mobile.

Panzer Campaigns is out right now for Android -- I'll let you know when the iOS version shows up.

Hat-tip to Mitch R. and Bas K.
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