Talisman: Horus Heresy might be the prettiest game of 2016

By Dave Neumann 27 Jan 2016 0
My biggest hope is that they translate all this into English. My biggest hope is that they translate all this into English.

When Nomad Games announced Talisman: Horus Heresy earlier this month, I was interested in the Warhammer 40K theme and how it would all wrap around the existing Talisman mechanisms and didn't think much about the presentation of the game. I've been lucky enough to play around with the beta version on my Mac the past few days, however, and I've been blown away by just how damn great this game looks. Regardless of how it plays, this is something you'll want to explore and simply gawk at. From wide overviews of the Warhammer universe that fade in and out as you move about the screen, to closeups of star fields, nebulas, and planets as you zoom onto a space, everything about the game is breathtaking. I'm even in love with the UI which encapsulates the Warhammer 40K feel incredibly well, being both futuristic and medieval at the same time.

The gameplay isn't too bad, either. I haven't been able to dig too deeply into it, yet, but it's definitely Talisman and yet feels very different. There are some direct correlations between the two: Talisman's followers are now fleets, adventure cards are now dataslates, etc. It's not just a reskin, though. For example, you're not alone in T:HH. You play as a team, so when you set up your game, you have an ally ready to trudge alongside into battle. When you land on your ally's space you can trade equipment and anything else you desire, which makes any redundant items you find suddenly useful. I haven't been playing too much, but I hope to really get my hands dirty over the next week and get you a proper preview as soon as I feel I've left no stone unturned.

Yesterday, preorders for the PC/Mac version of Talisman: Horus Heresy went live on Steam. You can now preorder the game for 15% off which lands at the unwieldy value of $21.24. As for the mobile version, it's coming. I'm hoping to speak to Don Whiteford of Nomad soon to get more details on that front. As always, we'll post 'em when we get 'em.

After the break, watch the gameplay trailer to see T:HH in motion.

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