Warhammer Quest DLC presages the Night of a Million Billion Games

By Owen Faraday 02 Oct 2013 0
But will they all clear it? Swinging for the fences.

Early this morning Rodeo threw the switch on The Brutal Tribe, the first post-release expansion for Warhammer Quest. If you update your app now, you'll see the DLC in-game: the expansion itself is $5, which unlocks the new Averland area with its associated quests and dungeons. The three new heroes are $2.99 apiece, which gets you the hero and inserts all of his custom loot into the game. There's also new legendary weapons for a dollar apiece -- those feel a bit game-breaky to me but to each his own. Note to Rodeo: add some new music with the next DLC. The WQ soundtrack is laser-etched into my brain at this point.

But new Warhammer Quest doings are only the tip of the iceberg for tonight: when the App Store update ticks over around midnight, there's going to be a biblical flood of noteworthy games coming.

I need to check my notes but here's most of the cream from the Out Tonight post that will be up later today: the rebuilt-from-the-ground-up Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon, space combat sim Strike Wing, Stardock's first mobile game Dead Man's Draw, Playdek's slightly creepy Tanto Cuore, Pendulo adventure Runaway: Dream of the Turtle, ginormous-scale RTS Machines at War 3, board game conversion Pandemic, and a say-it-ain't-so freemium Puzzle Quest game gussied up with Marvel superheroes. And I'm sure I'm missing something.

Check back later today for trailers and App Store links for all of these. With all of this on tap, surely some of it will be good right? Doesn't the Drake Equation say that? Neumann's already filed his Tanto Cuore review and that will be up at midnight eastern.
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