Warning shot: Mode 7 starts beta testing Frozen Synapse for iPad

By Owen Faraday 23 Oct 2012 0
Check those corners. Target in sight.

Frozen Synapse devs Mode 7 have put out a call for "experienced Frozen Synapse players" to guinea pig an iPad UI test. FS for iPad didn't make my most-anticipated list from earlier this year but it didn't miss by much, and I know that a lot of PT readers have been on pins and needles waiting for this title like insomniac children on Christmas Eve.

The devs are doing their best to temper everyone's expectations for release, however: "The game needs a lot of polishing before completion, so this isn’t a 'near release' version or anything like that," Mode 7's blog post stated.

PC squad tactical Frozen Synapse has a very dedicated following - a following that hasn't been too shy about hounding Mode 7 to death about when it's coming out.

"Are we there yet?" omg omg omg

If you think you've got what it takes to join the limited beta test, head over to Mode 7's blog for more info. The rest of us should hold our horses for a little while yet.

If you've not played Frozen Synapse, give it a swing on PC - there's a demo on Steam. It's basically a multiplayer tactical-only XCOM with simultaneous turns instead of the traditional wargame I-go-you-go system.

We last heard about Frozen Synapse for iPad back in June.



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