Weekend Price Drops: Cutting Sid Meier's Purse Edition

By Owen Faraday 16 Jun 2012 0
The open-handed Saint Sid has not only spent the last decades making wonderful games, but now he is compelled for some reason to offer them for a pittance. Like the bishop in Les Miserables who, upon learning that we have stolen his silverware, implores us to make off with his silver candlesticks as well.

Sid Meier's Pirates!

iPhone edition, $0.99 (down from $2.99); iPad edition, $1.99 (down from $4.99)

There's something in the water in the Caribbean - all of the barmaids are built like this. There's something in the water in the Caribbean - all of the barmaids are built like this.

Pirates! is a great romp whose gameplay model has stood the test of time1, but I'm not 100% sold on the iOS controls - it's a game that really benefits from a keyboard. That deficiency really only pops up during the naval combat - chatting up barmaids and dancing with governors' daughters works exceedingly well, which is to say: better than it should.



Civilization Revolution

iPhone edition, $0.99 (down from $2.99); iPad edition, $2.99 (down from $6.99)

Advertising revolution. Advertising revolution.

Getting a Civilization game of any stripe for a dollar is a remarkable coup. Pocket Tactics OGs may recall Civ Rev as the best 4X game for iOS in April's Situation Report2 and that status quo holds, in my estimation (though Ascendancy is never far behind).

Civ Rev recently got an update that added ten new scenarios, additional unit animations, and Game Center support. It's been said in the app reviews that this update inserts adverts into the game - that nugget wasn't in the changelog, was it? I haven't had a chance to see for myself but if that's true, it will be an ugly bit of tarnish on Saint Sid's halo - I guess there was an invoice stuffed into one of those candlesticks he pressed into our hands. Ads in a premium-priced app are just as galling as the ads you have to watch after paying 10 quid to go to the cinema.

1Chortle, chortle.

2Which will be getting a refresh this month, by the by.



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