Weekend Price Drops: Off to The Barber's Edition

By Owen Faraday 19 Jan 2013 0
Fooosh Could use one of those to clear off the sidewalk, actually.

If the weather where you are is as miserable as it is here in London, it's a perfect day to put on the cafetiere and wrap up on the couch with a new game. I'd do that if I could, but I've been commanded out into the elements to get a haircut by Lady Faraday - my look has gone from "Cat Stevens" to "Yusuf Islam" in the last couple of weeks.

If you have somehow resisted this site's persistent hectoring to get Ascension or Summoner Wars, now is the time to cave in. Every title in the Playdek catalog (including their IAP expansions) is on sale for a dollar. This, of course, includes their newer stuff like Fluxx and Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil. Lou reviewed Fluxx a couple of weeks ago, and though we didn't get around to a Penny Arcade review, it's well worth a buck. Give it a shot if you like Dominion and still mourn the lack of a proper iOS app brought about by the Goko affair.

Rodeo Games are giving away Hunters Episode One for free - first time they've ever done so. I'm due to catch up with those guys about the state of Warhammer Quest pretty soon, so watch this space.

Starbase Gunship is the latest title from the lads behind top-down iPad naval sim Battle Fleet - they're giving it away for free today. Starbase Gunship is a sci-fi take on AC-130 gunner games. It's exciting, if a bit one-note - well worth a go gratis.
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