Weekend Price Drops: Official Olympic Edition

By Owen Faraday 21 Jul 2012 0
I hope you'll all be pleased to learn that Pocket Tactics has been named the Official Mobile Games Blog of the London Olympics. This does (unfortunately) mean that you will be forbidden from reading any other mobile games blogs during the games, which should end sometime in August I think? Sorry for any inconvenience.

Bridge Constructor

iOS Universal, $0.99 (down from $1.99)

There's a lot of bridge-building sims but when will we get a Fitzcarraldo sim? There's a lot of bridge-building sims but when will we get a Fitzcarraldo sim?

Bridge Constructor might be the most edifying game I played all year (pun intended). I learned a hell of a lot about structural engineering in the process of playing it, but I learned it all the hard way. Like a gruff 1950's dad, Bridge Constructor doesn't actually spend any time teaching you anything - you have to suss out what makes a bridge work through painful trial and error. I loved it, but I loved it the way I love golf, which is to say that there was a lot of cursing and shouting and tears, on occasion.

EA Catalog

All iOS platforms, $0.99 (down from various price points)

I thought my life was in HD already. I thought my life was in HD already.

It seems like I'm writing about EA games in Weekend Price Drops every week. The mammoth publisher is cannily avoiding the Olympics brand police by calling this occasion a "Gold Medal Sale".

EA seems to have put their entire catalog on sale this time, including Risk, SimCity, and The Game of Life. As I remember from my childhood, Life was chiefly concerned with earning enough money so as to afford a station wagon full of children. I imagine it's evolved a bit since then.

Football Manager Handheld 2012

iOS Universal, $4.99 (down from $9.99)

The greatest show on digital turf. The greatest show on digital turf.

Sports Interactive's soccer front office sim series is the king of sports management games. It's only competition quality in the genre is iOOTP Baseball, which I reviewed in these pages moons ago. FM's mobile releases have typically followed a couple of months after the PC/Mac versions, which means there's still another six months of currency for this release.



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