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Slightly peeved Max: Dark Future racing to digital

I'm here for the guzzoline.

I’m here for the guzzoline.

A future that is a dystopian wasteland? Check. Souped-up cars? Check. Gangs racing and killing each other? Check. Dude strapped to the back of a truck with a guitar/flamethrower? No? Okay, so Auroch Digital‘s newest game isn’t an exact copy of the Road Warrior or Fury Road, but it’s damn close. Dark Future was an obscure 80’s board game from Games Workshop (something that Auroch is quite used to developing), that featured a lot of cars and a lot of death, not always in that order, and Auroch is bringing it to us sometime in the winter of 2015.

Surprisingly, even though I was a total dork in the 80’s, I had never played Dark Future. Apparently I wasn’t a cool enough dork, because this game looks pretty great. In the game you build vehicles using a point system and then race them on tracks that change with each play through, trying to blow stuff up. No idea how close Auroch’s digital take will hew to the original, but they are stating that it will be a “turn-based strategy game, played out in simultaneous real-time action.” I’m picturing something like Frozen Synapse.

Nothing else to report at this time, we’re not even sure what platforms they’re targeting. Considering that both Chainsaw Warrior games made it to PC, iOS, and Android, we’ll assume this is going the same route.

Oh, and the trailer is pretty amazing. It’s a teaser, so no actual gameplay is shown, and yet it made me want to strap a rocket launcher to my minivan. Check it out after the break.

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Out Tonight: Battles of the Ancient World II, The Top Spot, and Capitals

Wait a tick, aren't we from Battles of the Ancient World I?

Wait a tick, aren’t we from Battles of the Ancient World I?

HexWar is becoming the next Slitherine in that we can’t go a week or two without announcing a new game from them. Hell, today we already talked about their upcoming Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp and Battles of the Ancient World I was in Out Tonight only 2 weeks ago.

This week it’s the creatively titled Battles of the Ancient World II, which uses the ruleset created by Decision Games and engine built for the first volume that was just released for iOS earlier this month. This second volume includes battles such as Issus, Metaurus, Carrhae, and Idistavisus and if you know what those are without looking them up, you’re too damn smart to be reading anything I wrote, so I’ll understand if you leave.

BotAW2 has 5 campaigns, not including the tutorial, as well as 3 levels of AI. There’s over 50 different units, flanking attacks, and everything you’d expect in a HexWar title.

Look for Battles of the Ancient World II to release at midnight for iOS Universal and cost $3. No trailer for this one, yet, so instead you’ll find a trailer for BotAW1 after the break along with the rest of tonight’s releases.

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Bring out your dead: First look at Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp

Red is good, right?

Red is good, right?

When we think of HexWar, we don’t usually think of board games. Sure, they’ve ported some war games from their cardboard origins to the digital realm, but war games are in their wheelhouse. This June, they’re spreading their wings a bit and heading into unfamiliar waters, porting a traditional board game to the digital realm. The game in question is Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp from Victory Point Games.

Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp’s plot is similar to the excellent Pandemic: save humanity from a modern plague. Unlike Pandemic, which has you traversing the globe and fighting disease in the trenches, Infection puts you in the lab, fighting the disease on the molecular level. I’ve gotten my latex covered hand on a preview build of Infection and, from what I’ve seen thus far, we’re all in for a treat.

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10000001: You Must Build a Boat coming in June

Everybody look at me, 'cause I'm sailing on a boat.

Everybody look at me, ’cause I’m sailing on a boat.

Luca Redwood made quite the splash back in 2012 with an unassuming match-3 game called 10000000. It blended the puzzle aspects of a match-3 game with a dungeon crawler, complete with leveling up and unlocking more powerful dungeons as you advanced. Everyone around here thought it was the bee’s knees. We’ve known about a possible sequel to 10000000 for quite a while now, but only today did Luca confirm that the sequel, You Must Build a Boat, will be hitting iOS and Android on June 4 and will run somewhere between 3-5 bucks.

Judging from the trailer alone, it looks to have some of the same gameplay elements: match-3 on the bottom and a dungeon run happening at the top. In an unforeseen turn of events, it also–SPOILERS–involves building a boat. You start with a small boat and a small monster crew, with the intention of building that boat up and recruiting more sailors. Crew comes from monsters that want to fight alongside you as well as people who will offer up their services. Oh, and grab your fedora because there are artifacts to uncover as well.

Take a look at the trailer after the break. It will make you want to buy the game based on the music alone.

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Tanks for nothing: World of Tanks Blitz update coming today

That's me, up against the train.

That’s me, up against the train.

I’ll be the first to admit that World of Tanks Blitz isn’t my favorite game. I’ll also admit that the reasoning behind that stems from nothing other than I suck at it, and no matter how much I play, continue to really suck at it. That said, I know there are those of you out there who do not suck at this game. I’ve seen it first hand.

Sometime today, World of Tanks Blitz is getting a major update that fixes and changes a ton of current content, as well as adding an entire new line of German medium tanks starting with the Panzer III and culminating in the Leopard I. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the patch notes about me sucking less, so I’ll be steering clear.

You can pick up World of Tanks Blitz for iOS Universal or Android and both of them are free to download. After the break, check out an overview of the Leopard I.

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Even a blind squirrel: Bezier announces Castles of Mad King Ludwig coming for

Broken clock, blind squirrel. Choose your own cliche.

Broken clock, blind squirrel. Choose your own cliche.

This doesn’t happen too often, but we were right! Last Monday, we speculated on what Bezier might be bringing to iOS and Android due to a rather ambiguous tweet. Our speculation pointed directly at the Castles of Mad King Ludwig, a Suburbia-like game that involves building a castle instead of a city. Today, Bezier tweeted the answer and it turns out that Castles of Mad King Ludwig is the game currently under development.

We don’t know much about it, other than it’s coming in Q3 of this year and will have a lengthy single-player campaign, much like Suburbia‘s but, we’re promised, “better“. We do know that it’s coming for iOS and Android and both phones and tablets.

As usual, as we find out more we’ll pass it along. After the break, watch Joel Eddy’s review of the cardboard version of Castles.

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Review: Knights of Pen and Paper 2

I hate math.

I hate math.

We generally think of grinding in an RPG as the boring part and yet, Blizzard has made billions creating games in which running around and fighting is really the only thing to do. Both World of Warcraft and Diablo center around grinding in order to become a more powerful character, usually by finding more powerful loot.

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 follows suit, although I’m not sure the developers really get what makes those other games so successful. There, grinding is a means to an end, and we put up with it because that end is mighty shiny and also bonks monsters really well. Knights of Pen and Paper 2 ditches all that fancy loot and interesting character development which leaves us with just the grinding. This shouldn’t be a secret, but grinding without a carrot dangling somewhere in front of me just isn’t very much fun.

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Home screen dungeons?: Desktop Dungeons coming to tablets

Wait, there's an option to desecrate altars?

Wait, there’s an option to desecrate altars?

Desktop Dungeons was released for PC/Mac back in 2013 to major kudos, leaving those of us who prefer gaming on our iPads to wonder when we might get a taste. The answer is now, apparently, because Desktop Dungeons is heading to iPad and Android tablets this month.

Desktop Dungeons is a perfect fit for mobile in that it’s a roguelike that you play in short bursts, usually only a couple minutes at a time. Each session has you running into a randomly generated dungeon, killing and grabbing loot and getting out of there. Returning back to town unlocks new classes, powers, etc. If you can’t tell, I haven’t played it, so I’m going off of what I can find online. I might pick it up on PC, though, because the saved games should sync, allowing me to pick up and continue where I left off on my iPad once it comes to tablets.

The mobile version of DD will have some minor changes to the UI to accommodate the touchscreen, but otherwise will have 100% of the content of the PC version. The tablet version is the Enhanced Edition, which offers new classes as well as online Daily Dungeons which will have results posted in daily leaderboards.

Look for Desktop Dungeons to hit sometime this month. Trailer after the break.

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