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A revolutionary idea : The great Rebels & Redcoats code giveaway

No, not 50% off, 100% off.

No, not 50% off, 100% off.

Rebels & Redcoats is Hunted Cow‘s latest foray onto the App Store, and their first game to take advantage of their partnership with cardboard war game publisher, Decision Games. It was released just last night, so I’m guessing many of you haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Considering that it costs $10, I’m guessing many of you wouldn’t mind picking up a copy for free.

It’s your lucky day! Hunted Cow was kind enough to send along five copies of the game, and we’re going to give them all away.

If you want to win a free copy of Rebels & Redcoats for iPad, leave a comment below telling us your favorite game of 2014 so far. Don’t limit yourself to iOS or Android, either. Any platform, any genre. At 11pm EST we’ll wrap up taking entries and I’ll pick my favorite who will win one code, with the other four codes being determined by Owen’s Magic 8-ball.

Good luck!


Mojang’s second act: An interview with the makers of Minecraft about Scrolls, coming to tablets next month

On a roll.

On a roll.

The only thing harder than making a hit video game is making a hit video game twice.

Sweden’s Mojang has ridden the truly phenomenal success of Minecraft — their first and only commercial game release, originally the project of solo coder Markus “Notch” Persson — all the way to a $2.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft last month. Following up on a hit is tough (Rovio and OMGPOP and Vanilla Ice all nod somewhere), but following up on what might be the biggest hit in history… how do you do that?

Last week, I spoke with three of the folks at Mojang who are charged with that very task. Owen Hill, Måns Olson, and Henrik Pettersson who are working on Scrolls, Mojang’s sophomore effort — a fantasy card game that they plan to release on PC, Android tablets, and iPad simultaneously next month.

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I need a hero : Sentinels of the Multiverse hands-on preview

Just another day at the office

Just another day at the office

I’ve been a fan of the superhero card game Sentinels of the Multiverse ever since I heard about it way back at Gen Con of 2011. I also became a fan of the Sentinels helper app, Sentinels Sidekick, developed by Handelabra Games. I was delighted when the guys from Handelabra told me last year that Sentinels of the Multiverse would be coming to tablets. I had a chance to play a beta build of the game while at this year’s Gen Con and I came away impressed and, for the last couple days, have been messing around with the release build that they just submitted to Apple yesterday.

I think you’re going to like it.

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Pocket Tactics’ Games of the Month: September 2014

FNG Alex picks a game we hadn't even covered before. That kid's got moxie.

FNG Alex picks a game we hadn’t even covered before. That kid’s got moxie.

The summer — horrible, horrible summer — is finally over. The fickle sun now favours that mysterious other hemisphere and won’t throw its awful unblinking glare onto your iPad screens any longer. Put away your parasols and desert canteens. The outdoors are safe for gaming again.

What games did the PT druid circle choose as their favourites of the summer’s twilight? After the jump, Jacob, Clancy, Kelsey, Owen, and FNG Alex tell you all about their picks.

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I’m the captain now: Vlaada Chvátil talks to us about Galaxy Trucker for iPad

Your cards ain't worth a dime if you don't lay 'em down.

Your cards ain’t worth a dime if you don’t lay ‘em down.

If you’ve been hanging out with us for the last couple of weeks, you know that we’re pretty well jazzed about Galaxy Trucker, the iPad adaptation of the board game of the same name that’s coming out this Monday.

After 2013’s flood of top-quality board games for iOS (Agricola, Pandemic, Brief History of the World, Lords of Waterdeep… just to name a few), this year there’s been barely a trickle. Dave and I have been playing a preview build of Galaxy Trucker, and it’s easily good enough to compete with that beautiful 2013 bumper crop.

Maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. Vlaada Chvátil, the designer of Galaxy Trucker and the head honcho at publisher Czech Games Edition has a career that spans the worlds of tabletop and video games. Chvátil is a bona fide board game legend thanks to designs like Space Alert, Mage Knight, and Through The Ages on his CV, but his first notable game design was the 2001 PC RTS Original War, a cult hit that still has an enthusiastic following today.

After the jump, I ask Vlaada Chvátil about Galaxy Trucker and where he sees the intersection of board games and digital platforms taking us in the future.

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The new Bohemians: A hands-on preview of Pike & Shot

There's Popery in them there woods.

There’s Popery in them there woods.

When Slitherine first introduced me to Pike & Shot at the beginning of the summer, I didn’t think much of it. This iPad-bound wargame models 16th- and 17th-century battles on a very big scale — but it started life as a mod of Battle Academy, a WWII game that zooms things in to a company-level scale. How well could a game engine designed to simulate 20th-century armoured manoeuvre warfare possibly replicate giant clashes between musketeers and cuirassiers?

Pretty damn well, as it turns out.

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The re-name game: Card Hunter for tablets becomes Loot & Legends

Death isn't even excited that he won. He's just chilling. Levitating some dice.

Death isn’t even excited that he won. He’s just chilling. Levitating some dice.

PC and Mac gamers have been hunting cards in Blue Manchu’s tongue-in-cheek online CCG Card Hunter for about a year now, and the game has earned universal rave reviews. Despite being browser-based like those toolbars your mom keeps installing on her computer by accident, Card Hunter is a legit tactical tabletop RPG experience. RPS‘s Adam Smith called it “as good a turn-based skirmish game as I can remember any studio releasing in a good while”.

But what about us mobile types? Card Hunter’s been on our radars for a long time now, with an expected release on iOS this year with Android to follow. Mobile developers DropForge Games recently announced that the game was changing its name to Loot & Legends. Why ditch a perfectly good name that your fans already know?

I recently bugged developer Joe McDonagh about this question and others and he sent us these never-before-seen screenshots along with his answers, which I’ll show you after the jump.

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Moscow calling: Slitherine has 5 Battle Academy 2 beta slots for PT readers

How we do things back East.

How we do things back East.

Venerable wargaming imprint Slitherine are getting ready to ship Battle Academy 2 for PC this Friday, but the iPad version is  just entering closed beta. Closed. It’s only available to a shadowy cabal of Slitherine’s mandarins — and to you. Well… some of you.

Slitherine reached out and offered to give 5 closed slots to Pocket Tactics readers, giving you early access to the sequel to one of the very best wargames on iOS. To win, just drop a line here in the comments of this post and tell us what your favourite tank from World War II is. We’ll give away those those beta slots at 9pm London time tonight, picking 4 at random and I’ll pick one answer that I liked the most.

If you don’t already have a Pocket Tactics Forum account, read this on how to register one. It’s a slightly more daunting process than signing up for most forums, but it’s that high barrier to entry that makes PT‘s forum community the most electrifying discussion group in sports entertainment today.

Battle Academy 2 takes the company-level turn-based tactical gameplay of the original Battle Academy and ships across Europe to the Eastern front. There’s new features like smoke effects, trenches and other fortifications, and a reworked air cover system. There’s four campaigns (two Soviet, two Axis) and 130 different units. There’s no set-in-stone iOS release date yet but you can fire it up on your PC this weekend.

Watch the trailer below, and good luck getting the PT Magic 8-Ball to choose you.

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