The Kairosoft iPhone Release Crystal Ball


It is a painfully slow news day in the world of mobile strategy gaming this Monday so why don’t we take advantage of the relative quiet to engage in some random speculation? Kairosoft are known for their much-loved simulation games, but not known for having chatty PR people. In the absence of official announcements, we have the Pocket Tactics Crystal Ball.

It used to be that Kairosoft’s games were released for iOS before showing up on Android devices – but that hasn’t been the case with their last 3 releases, as the handy chart below will demonstrate.


Title Android Release Date iPhone Release Date Gap from Android to iOS
Game Dev Story 11 Dec 2010 9 Oct 2010 -63 days
Hot Springs Story 28 Apr 2011 27 Feb 2011 -60 days
Mega Mall Story 30 Dec 2011 28 Aug 2011 -144 days
Grand Prix Story 8 June 2011 7 Sept 2011 91 days
Pocket League Story 7 Sept 2011 4 Jan 2012 119 days
Epic Astro Story 16 Dec 2011 6 Apr 2012 112 days
Dungeon Village 2 March 2012 ? ?
Cafeteria Nipponica 5 April 2012 ? ?
Average Android to iOS gap: 103 days

So now that we’ve determined the average gap between an Android release and an iOS, when can you expect to be playing Dungeon Village and Cafeteria Nipponica on your iPhone or iPad?

Title Android Release Date Projected iPhone Release Date
Dungeon Village 2 March 2012 13 June 2012
Cafeteria Nipponica 5 April 2012 17 July 2012

So there you have it: a complete guess from the Official Pocket Tactics Kairosoft iPhone Release Crystal Ball™ based on no official information at all from Kairosoft. I’ll followup in the summer with insufferable gloating when I turn out to be right.


Thanks to Wolfram Alpha and espresso for making this post possible.