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Icewind Delay: Icewind Dale releases for Andoid, iOS version on the way

That dragon is pining for the fjords

That dragon is pining for the fjords

In a reversal of fortune not seen since Randolph and Mortimer Duke bought orange juice futures, Android users can today play the classic Infinity Engine role-playing game Icewind Dale on their devices while iOS users are flat out of luck. It’s almost as if everything I’ve ever believed has been proven to be a lie. It’s as if the sun rose in the west and….okay, you get it. I’ll stop.

The original plan was for Icewind Dale to appear on all platforms simultaneously today, but there were some snags with the Apple submission process requiring Beamdog to resubmit the app yesterday. So, gloat while you can, Android users, it should be available for iOS in a week or two.

If you’ve followed any of Beamdog’s other ports of classic Infinity Engine games, like Baldur’s Gate or Baldur’s Gate 2, you’ll know that this release is an “Enhanced Edition”. In the BG titles, that meant new characters, quests, classes and more. Icewind Dale is pretty much a 40-hour long dungeon crawl consisting of very little story and a whole ton of combat. Also, unlike the BG games where you created one character and NPCs would join your group, here you create a full party of six. So, what’s “enhanced” about this new edition, then? We have new spells and items to find, new kits for different classes, quests that were cut from the original, and it also includes both the Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster expansion packs. Put all that together with the original game, and you’ve got a ton of CRPG goodness here.

Icewind Dale costs $10 on Google Play. Trailer after the break.

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D&Done : Wizards and Trapdoor split ways, Dungeonscape no more

Class: Barbarian. Now, RAGE! RAGE! RAGE!

Class: Barbarian. Now, RAGE! RAGE! RAGE!

In August, Wizards of the Coast introduced the latest edition of the venerable Dungeons & Dragons, at which time we also learned that a fairly comprehensive suite of digital tools for tablets was coming down the pike called Dungeonscape. This morning Trapdoor Technologies posted their last post regarding Dungeonscape, indicating that they and Wizards have severed ties and Dungeonscape is no longer a thing. What the serious hell?

As late as Tuesday they were still sending out beta invites to PC and Android users, so I’m guessing this decision came as quite a shock to Trapdoor. Now, instead of more invites we’ve been told that the beta will cease at noon tomorrow.

I was just accepted into the beta earlier this week and found the product to be a bit rough, but serviceable and had been told that the PC version I was testing was the furthest behind with most of their resources focused on the tablet versions. So, what went wrong? We won’t know until we get some more information which doesn’t seem to be forthcoming from either party at this stage.

Anyone who has followed WotC’s stewardship of D&D probably isn’t too surprised. Each edition they’ve produced has had promises of digital tools, none of which ever evolved into what was promised. Will we ever get digital tools for D&D that work on our tablets? At this point, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

After the break, Trapdoor sits with Russ Morrissey from EnWorld at GenCon and shows us what might have been.

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Out Tonight: New Tin Man book (from last week) and that’s about it

White dragon, guys. It's supposed to be a white dragon.

White dragon, guys. It’s supposed to be a white dragon.

The worst thing about writing an “Out Tonight” post on a day when there doesn’t appear to be any releases is that I know the very first comment will bring up a decent game that I missed and/or forgot. Go ahead. I don’t mind.

I’m going to pretend that you aren’t filling up the comments with great releases and go with what I have, a Tin Man release we missed last week and a match-3-ish puzzler.

We all know and love Tin Man Games, and their huge catalog of interactive fiction on iOS and Android is truly impressive. Last week, it grew a little more when they released the Fighting Fantasy book, Caverns of the Snow Witch. Author Ian Livingstone first released the dead tree version of Caverns back in 1984 and this digital version offers the ability to switch to retro mode which replaces the new artwork with the original drawings from back when Prince was making doves cry. Other than that, it’s your standard high-quality Tin Man release. If you love what Tin Man does, you’re going to love this book as well. It’s for iOS Universal or Android and it will set you back $6.

More releases (okay, 1 more release) after the break.

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End of line : Transmission puzzler comes to mobile

If my actual wireless communication exams in college would have been like this, I might have passed.

If my actual wireless communication exams in college would have been like this, I might have passed.

Transmission: Connect to Communicate is a new puzzle game developed by the Science Museum (it’s in the UK, I checked) that’s supposed to be educational, but I don’t really see it. It is a pretty good puzzler, though, so I’ll cut it some slack. It’s also free without any IAP or ads, so it’s got a few things going for it.

Transmission tells the story of human communication starting with the telegraph and ending…somewhere. I don’t know, I’m only up to the computers level. The goal is to move cubes that represent information from a transmitter to a receiver using things like transceivers and for-loops. The initial telegraph and telephone levels are incredibly straightforward and serve as a decent introduction, but the game gets pretty darn tough as you move forward. I should clarify that, completing the puzzles isn’t too tough, but getting 3-stars by completing all the criteria for that puzzle can be quite tricky.

Transmission: Connect to Communicate is free and is available for both iOS and Android. Trailer after the break.

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New deal: Card Dungeon updates on Android, and soon on iOS

"Of course, some people do go both ways."

“Of course, some people do go both ways.”

Sometimes I wonder just how far we’ll go into the recursive, navel-gazing abyss of games concerning–and styled after–older games. “In Merlin’s Adventure of the Schoolyard Heroes you play one of several fantasy archetypes (represented by digital HeroClix miniatures) reliving a game of tag during recess at their childhood village’s daycare–narrative psychotherapy by the great wizard, Merlin. Hiding is accomplished by angrily throwing dice around Merlin’s office. For each other player your character recalls finding, you engage in a dungeon raid with small dolls, both in your memories and with Merlin, using action figures holding other, smaller action figures.”

More often, though, I just think about the promising line-up of reasonably themed digital “tabletop” games we have now (and that I can always call up my local Dungeon Master if I ever get too close to ludic Limbo). Playtap Games have just released their first update for procedurally generated dungeon crawler Card Dungeon, and it looks to fix many of the quibbles that Owen brought up in his review.

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Some much needed R&R: American Revolution wargame Rebels & Redcoats out on iOS next week

The whites of their hexes.

The whites of their hexes.

Just last month we heard that Hunted Cow Studios were partnering up with tabletop wargaming company Decision Games, and developing some of latter’s numerous titles for iOS. It appears now that we’ll be enjoying the fruits of that union sooner rather than later.

Hunted Cow have informed us that Decision Games’ Rebels & Redcoats will be available for iPad on November 6th. The game promises to be a largely faithful adaptation of the source boardgames, hex-based and with all the period flair one expects of a Hunted Cow joint, with a robust tutorial and two five-mission campaigns playable as either the American colonies or the British Empire.

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Hungry like the Grey Hunter : Warhammer 40K Space Wolf comes to iOS

My money's on the dude in the big metal suit

My money’s on the dude in the big metal suit

Games Workshop already has a flood of games on iOS, so I guess another one shouldn’t really be a surprise. What is surprising about this latest title, Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf, is that it’s a free-to-play game that offers IAP to buy “coins” to further your in-game progress. Before you run away, screaming, let me give you a couple reasons to stick around: Space Wolf is a turn-based, squad-level tactical game that uses a collectible card engine for combat.

Oh, and it looks pretty damn nice, too.

From what I can gather, IAP isn’t necessary as everything can be gotten through grinding. How much grinding? Not sure at this point. The game features a single player campaign in which you’ll battle the Word Bearers, fanatical worshipers of the Chaos Gods. You select a main hero and several companions can be unlocked during play to accompany you on future missions. Cards are used as weapons and equipment in battle, and you can deckbuild to create a deck to meet the different challenges you’ll find in each mission.

Warhammer40K: Space Wolf is currently out for iOS Universal. Trailer after the break.

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It’s not just a job : Pro Strategy Football’s career mode explained

You'll need that blocking to protect...Colt McCoy?

You’ll need that blocking to protect…Colt McCoy?

Kerry Batts is a busy guy. Last week saw the release of his Pro Strategy Football 2014 but he’s been busy at work getting the promised career mode update ready to go. It’s still a work in progress, but we did get a chance to pick his brain and see where career mode is headed.

PSF career mode is going to allow you to coach the same team for multiple years and each year will be broken into four phases: offseason, draft, preseason, and season. The season part is what we’ve already come to know and love about the PSF series, so lets delve into those new phases. During the offseason players will all age 1 year which can lead to them leaving the league or having their ratings change as they get older. During this time, you can also set your funding to focus on scouting, coaching, conditioning or training to increase your team’s skills in different areas. Draft will allow you to tell the front office what your needs are and then see who they can pick up based on what you’re looking for and Preseason will allow you to see how the offseason and draft phases have come together before the season starts.

All of this is on top of the ability to drill down into individual and team stats over the years that you simulate. You’ll be able to look at career and annual stats for each player as well as overall team stats. Currently, when you begin career mode, you’ll start in 2014 and proceed from there. Kerry is hoping, someday, to have the ability to head back and take the reins of some of the best teams of the past like the ’72 Dolphins or the ’85 Bears.

Career mode is still being worked on and there is no ETA right now for the update to go live. That said, Kerry made a video for us to highlight what he’s working on. Check it out after the break.

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