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The dreamers of dreams: Dream Quest gets major content update

Don't ever change

Don’t ever change

If we were to carve faces on the side of Mt. Hexmap, Rushmore-style, I’m pretty sure Peter Whalen’s mug would be carved just under Owen’s office window. Sure, his claim to fame is only one game, but what a game it is. Dream Quest took us all by surprise last year, winning our RPG of the Year award and consuming more of my time than all three of my kids put together. It’s a classic bit of mobile gaming and Mr. Whalen has been rewarded for his excellence with a job that will take him all the way to Azeroth. We’re guessing it won’t be in the art department.

Before his goblin airship set sail, however, he managed to slip out one last update for his hand-drawn roguelike. Dream Quest was updated to version 1.10 earlier this week, and it’s a doozy. Despite no one knowing who they were or what they were doing, the Druids have come to Dream Quest as a new playable class. That’s not all, though. There are new monsters, new talents and other cards as well as a new image for the treasure chest which we’re assured has nothing to do with that new monster we mentioned earlier.

Dream Quest is available for iOS Universal for $3 and it’s worth every penny. After the break watch Brad from 164 and I mess around with Dream Quest in a very polished video from last year (so polished that we really shouldn’t say anything bad about the art, but oh well). The Dream Quest stuff begins around the 19 minute mark.

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Watch the watchers: Sentinel Command reveal trailer

“In the game of chess, you can never let your adversary see your pieces.”

“In the game of chess, you can never let your adversary see your pieces.”

Venerable Dreadnaughts who have been reading Pocket Tactics since the Emperor was young will remember Heroes of the Revolution, a 2014 wargame that made my tiny black heart grow three sizes. Heroes was bold enough to jump off the tired old wargaming bus that shuttles back and forth between World War II and the Napoleonic Wars, presenting us with an inventive Cuban Revolution wargame fitted out with fresh ideas and gameplay mechanics. We deemed it one of last year’s most under-rated games.

Heroes developer GamerNationX (never was there a studio with a name more suited to inscribing on a Mead Trapper Keeper) have shown us their next title. It’s called Sentinel Command, and it’s a turn-based sci-fi starship fleet combat game. You are the commodore tasked with the defense of the province of Kernwall, the sector of space where noble House Sedaris maintains its mines and refineries and its fabulous selection of serif fonts. The other great Houses send raiding parties to capture your precious supplies of neo-platinum (used to make commemorative records for neo-Taylor Swift).

Your job is to assign fleets for the defense of Kernwall, intercepting the enemy where possible and employing the unique abilities of your fleets’ officers to prevail — but committing your best officers to a tough fight isn’t without risk, as injuries can take them out of the battle.  At the strategic level, your House War Council will periodically ask you to allocate your neo-platinum stocks to other provinces, which can net your new abilities and advantages.

I love absolutely everything about this. I love the look and feel of the game, which is a big step up from Heroes of the Revolution’s homespun aesthetic. I love the Dune-flavoured sci-fi gothic setting. I love the narrow focus of the setup, which suggests that GamerNationX designer John Ellenberger has another clever scenario to let us loose upon. I’m champing at the bit to play this.

After the jump, there’s the very first gameplay trailer for Sentinel Command awaiting your attention. GNX tell us that the game should be out very soon on iPad — possibly before the end of July. The game will be $6.99 US with no IAPs when it hits.

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Out Tonight: Wars of the Roses and Divide by Sheep

Now is the winter of our discontent

Now is the winter of our discontent

It’s a light Wednesday on the App Store, but that doesn’t mean that the few games we’re getting aren’t worthy of attention. Tonight we have our (seemingly) weekly HexWar release as well as a math-based puzzler with a bit of a dark side.

Let’s focus on HexWar first. Tonight they tackle that little conflict between the houses of Lancaster and York, the Wars of the Roses. It’s another HexWar game, which means a load of scenarios playable as either side as well as a lengthy tutorial. There are over 30 different units in the game and the usual hi-def graphics that we’ve seen in their other wargames.

Wars of the Roses will be released tonight for iOS Universal and will be $5. No trailer for this one, so jump over the break to see our other release for the night. I think you’ll like it.

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To hell and back: Infernal Relics coming to Sentinels next week

I've heard of platinum blondes, but this is a little ridiculous.

I’ve heard of platinum blondes, but this is a little ridiculous.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is similar to Talisman in that both get better as you add more content. Unlike other board games which can collapse under their own weight as more content is added, these two games flourish as the boxes holding them get bigger and bigger. Lucky for us, Sentinels isn’t going to stop growing any time soon. In fact, Handelabra Games has announced that the next major expansion, Infernal Relics, will be arriving next week.

Infernal Relics will bring two new heroes into the mix, as well as two new environments. There are also four new villains to conquer, my favorite of which is actually a group of nine different villains called The Ennead.

For the board game nerds out there, this expansion was partly designed by Richard Launius of Arkham Horror and Elder Sign fame, so it’s got some quirks not seen in previous Sentinels content.

The expansion will go live for Android on July 6th, and should release right around there for iPad as well, depending on when Apple approves it.

Check out the new Infernal Relics trailer after the break.

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Scroll down: Mojang puts an end to Scrolls

Does this give anyone else the urge to go play Heroes of Might and Magic?

Does this give anyone else the urge to go play Heroes of Might and Magic?

When you have created one of the seminal video games of all time, I think you’re allowed to have a couple misses. Thus it goes with Minecraft developer, Mojang, who announced this week that their foray into CCGs, Scrolls, is being put down. No new content will be developed for the game and the game servers will remain open until at least July 1, 2016. Any money the game makes between now and then will go towards keeping the servers up longer.

I only played Scrolls a couple times on PC, and it was a pretty good game combining CCG elements with more tactical, board game style play. The only thing holding me back from playing more was the expectation of an iOS version, a version that is almost certainly not going to happen now.

Still, you can pick up Scrolls on your Android device for free if you want to give it a try. Check out the trailer after the break to see what’s going away.

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Out where? : Out There Omega Edition arrives on the App Store

If you look closely, you can see Hayden Christensen laying on the side of that volcano.

If you look closely, you can see Hayden Christensen laying on the side of that volcano.

When Out There hit the App Store last year, it was already one of the year’s best games. Developer Mi-Clos Studio figured they could do better, and thus was born the Omega Edition of Out There which arrived for iOS and Android earlier this week.

Arriving as a free update for current owners, the Omega Edition adds more of what we already loved about the original: over 50 new interactive stories, new endings, new aliens, and new spaceships. The most striking addition to Out There, however, is the graphic overhaul. The original Out There wasn’t a terrible looking game–simple, perhaps–but the Omega Edition looks downright dreamy.

There’s more, such as better localizations and more music from Siddhartha Barnhoorn, but all you really need to know is that the game is bigger and better and it didn’t cost you a thing.

Now, if you haven’t tried Out There yet, you can snag it for iOS Universal or Android for only $5. Check out the Omega Edition trailer after the break.

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Jewel of my eye(Pad): Splendor gets a trailer/release date

Is it real, or is it digital?

Is it real, or is it digital? [Image by W. Eric Martin and Space Cowboys]

When details about Splendor leaked in the last couple weeks, enthusiasm for the game waned slightly as it became aware that online multiplayer was not a part of the game. Today, Brad at 164 posted the first trailer for Splendor showing some of the gameplay, and I fully expect enthusiasm levels to rise. Seriously, the gameplay of Splendor looks absolutely fantastic. We get to see the game in motion as well as the new play modes which, even if they don’t play well, sure look nice.

That’s not all, though. Brad also managed to snag a release date from Asmodee which is akin to learning the daily nuclear launch codes. Splendor will be gracing iOS Universal and Android devices on July 9th, so we’re just over a week away.

Even if you’re disappointed with the lack of multiplayer, take a look at the trailer after the break. It might just change your mind.

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Planning to dominate: Major update for Dominant Species arrives

Confused? Me too.

Confused? Me too.

Dominant Species was released back in 2012 and was GMT Games‘ first foray into the digital realm. It showed. It was a bit clunky and the AI was, well, it was kind of like playing DS against me. It sucked. Now, the clunky part is understandable. Dominant Species is a big, heavy euro game that’s more complex than just about anything else I can think of on the App Store. This game is so complex that I’ve owned it twice (don’t ask) and still have yet to bring it to the table with my game group. Not because it’s bad, but the thought of teaching it humbles me.

GMT has been working, with multiple developers, over the past few years to correct Dominant Species’ mistakes and that work has finally paid off today with the release of Dominant Species 2.0. We’ve got some new art, a new UI, and completely overhauled AI opponents. I’ve loaded it up, and it does look pretty great, but I have noticed a couple issues. It would be great if there was a random setup, so instead of picking a species for every player to control they could be randomly assigned. Also, save games don’t appear to work at this point. They appear to be fine if you exit the app and enter back into it, but if you leave a game via the Main Menu or force quit the app, then the save game appears corrupted.

I’m guessing that issue is going to be fixed in the update that GMT is currently working on which will also bring online multiplayer to the app. There’s a button for it now, but it’s just a tease.

The biggest downside to the app is the lack of a tutorial. There are rules accessible within the game, but if any board game on the App Store could use a tutorial, this is the one. Having not played in years, I spent the first five minutes feeling completely overwhelmed. Well, we always have play through vids on BGG to help us along, I guess.

The update is free to existing owners of Dominant Species, but for those you you who haven’t picked it up and want to try it out, it’s $7 and for iPad only.

One of those play through videos after the break. This one from Richard Ham.

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