A fresh canvas: Autumn Dynasty sequel on the way

By Owen Faraday 19 Aug 2013 0
Clever, though amirite I would have gone with "Winter Dynasty" for my sequel but I'm not calling the shots here.

Last year's beautiful Autumn Dynasty will be followed up by a game that pulls the camera back a ways, adding a strategic layer to the RTS. The creators tell me that Autumn Dynasty Warlords is well into development and is looking at an October release.

In Warlords, you will play as one of those titular fellows as he tries to unite China under one banner and turn his attention to fighting the foreign barbarians invading the land. The gameplay promises city-building, general-recruiting, and quest-undertaking -- all tied to the elegant real-time battles that made last year's game such a pleasant surprise. I see that they haven't messed about too much with the art style, which is good -- Autumn Dynasty was one of last year's most visually attractive games.

I didn't get a chance to properly review Autumn Dynasty last year (PT as still just a one-man blog when it came out) but we won't let that happen with Autumn Dynasty Warlords. You can follow developer Touch Dimensions' progress on Twitter.
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