A game of two halves: Massive New Star Soccer 1.5 update coming later this summer

By Owen Faraday 27 Jun 2013 0
But not your hands. Use your loaf.

If you haven't played New Star Soccer yet, good. Don't start. Last year's Sports Game of the Year runner-up is a dangerous, insidious game that will burrow into your mind and roost there until you find yourself leaving your desk to go hide in the bathroom where you can play just one more match away from the prying eyes of your co-workers.

It's been a while since the last major update to Si Read's football career RPG, but he hasn't been idle. Read tells us that there's a huge version 1.5 update coming to the iOS & Android editions later this summer. The update has a whole raft of improvements and new features that New Star Games want to talk about later down the road, but I managed to get them to spill the beans on a few of the things we could expect. I've got the details after the jump.

Also note the weather icon. Match Balls: not a column in Private Eye.

The biggest change to the NSS match engine mechanics we know of is the inclusion of headers, which you can see in action in the screenshot above the fold up there. There's also a new ability to set your player to focus on attacking, balanced, or defensive play -- giving the ability to try and protect slim leads or push your team to close a late-game gap.

The meta-game will see the introduction of aging. Your player is no longer a Ryan Giggs-style Methuselah, and his skills will deteriorate as he ages. You've also got the option to retire as well. The game will also support three save slots, so you can have more than one character going at once.

There's also the matter of this mysterious screenshot over on the right that Si sent along. I know that not all the new features have been revealed yet, but clearly some are hinted at in this image. I'll leave it to you guys to dissect.
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