Another dreary release week

By Owen Faraday 06 Feb 2013 0
.. the need for a mediocre game from a big publisher. I feel the need...

To the relief of insomniacs everywhere there is nothing particularly thrilling coming out tonight for iOS. Tonight marks the second consecutive Wednesday night with no releases of obvious quality hidden amongst the usual shovelware. Bleagh.

Action fans may find it worth rolling the dice on Sega's saucily-titled Afterburner Climax. I have a powerful nostalgia for the Afterburner arcade machine and perhaps that will be enough.

If I was forced at knifepoint (and it would have to be a terribly convincing knife) to highlight else something from tonight's litter, I suppose it would have to be Battle Line. It's billed as an RTS/line defense hybrid - already less than promising, but it's also by Gamevil, a developer that I have completely and utterly fallen out with.

Once upon a time, Gamevil was a maker of reliably solid titles. I spent many an hour with Baseball Superstars 2007 on my last feature phone. But the IAP-driven freemium model has proven too seductive. Gamevil is a shell of their former selves and I can't recall the last time they made a respectable game.

February has every chance of turning into a legendary month for mobile releases: Big Daddy's Creations are on deck to deliver sci-fi 4X Eclipse this month, Playdek's long-awaited Agricola has been in beta for a while and could conceivably submit to the App Store in the coming weeks, Herocraft's Strategy & Tactics WWII is a possibility, and if the stars align just so we may even see the likes of Star Command.
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