Ascension coming to PC and Android, Immortal Heroes expansion to iOS

By Owen Faraday 13 Feb 2013 0
Kemo Sabee. Justin time.

Now that last night's fears about the fate of Playdek's iOS Ascension app have been found to be attributable to a typographic error rather than any malign intent on the part of Stone Blade Entertainment, we ought to give proper attention to big news that might have been buried by the furore.

Assuming that the crowdfunding push commencing on Monday is successful, The Studio Formerly Known As Gary Games will be bringing card game phenomenon Ascension to Android and to PC - but what they've envisioned is much bigger than just a couple of apps. Stone Blade want to turn Ascension into a full-on gaming destination that can host online tournaments, offer players access to digital promo cards and expansions as they become available in the physical game, cross-platform play, and a

It's a very big idea - and an ambitious one, given that Stone Blade's first in-house developed digital product SolForge hasn't even shipped yet. But if Stone Blade lacks experience, they certainly don't want for confidence. Justin Gary's comment here yesterday speaks to that: "We’ve learned a lot while making Solforge and feel confident in our ability to deliver a 10/10 quality product in a reasonable timeline with a little help from fans to kickstart the project."

Equally important is the news that Immortal Heroes, the third expansion set to the physical version of Ascension, will be making its way to Playdek's Ascension for iOS in the near future. Immortal Heroes was released on card stock back in November without any hint as to when it would grace the digital edition. The new expansion will provide a welcome augmentation to a game that still enjoys a significant worldwide player base, despite going without an update since last July.

If they stick to the plan announced yesterday, Stone Blade's Kickstarter will fun for a scant ten days. The last campaign we saw that was so brief was the ill-fated Galactic Keep pitch. How much is Stone Blade asking for? We'll find out Monday.
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