Baldur's Gate for iPad most likely slips to next week

By Owen Faraday 27 Nov 2012 0
Baldur's Delay. Stuck between stations.

Beamdog creative director Trent Oster has been cataloguing his outfit's difficulties getting the iPad edition of Baldur's Gate out the door. Oster's tweets from yesterday detail the discovery of a "show-stopping" bug - as well as Oster's attempt to manage expectations for seeing the game on the App Store this week as originally planned.

We've reached out for more details but at the moment it's pretty safe to presume that the remake of the legendary RPG won't be out Wednesday night. One of our guys has been adventuring with the review copy and we'll be sure to have impressions (including a verdict on the new touch interface) as soon as Baldur's Gate goes live.

We talked with Oster about Baldur's Gate for iPad just last week.
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