Battle of the Bulge squashes bugs, debuts in Germany and Switzerland

By Owen Faraday 09 Jan 2013 0
Nuts. Race you to the Meuse!

PT's 2012 Wargame of the Year has gotten its first patch: fixing a few bugs, adding Game Center achievements - and most importantly for our germanophone readers, arriving worldwide.

Battle of the Bulge launched in most countries in mid-December but the German and Swiss App Stores declined to post the game for reasons as yet unclear. Germany can be (understandably) sensitive about games that include representations of the Third Reich, but Shenandoah's game had avoided the usual triggers for trouble with German censors by ensuring that BotB didn't mention Hitler or Nazism and featured no swastikas at all. These measures apparently weren't enough at first, but Shenandoah now seems to have satisfied Apple one way or another.

Teutonic readers: willkommen. There's a wealth of chat about Battle of the Bulge here on the forums to get you up to speed.
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