Battle of the Bulge teasing grows unbearable

By Owen Faraday 20 Nov 2012 0
Danger close. Panzer lehr.

Last time we talked about Battle of the Bulge, we were discussing the first released images of the near-final iPad wargame whilst bemoaning that we'd yet to see it properly in motion. Last weekend, Shenandoah released a video of... the tutorial.

Come on guys. That's cruel.

Despite the absence of gameplay per se, the tutorial video reveals that BotB's interface appears to be everything we were hoping it would be: clean, sophisticated, and full of visual feedback to touch inputs. I've been talking about liberating board games from the need to emulate their cardboard counterparts and creating things that are truly native to the touchscreen; Battle of the Bulge looks to be the new emblem of that philosophy. How are we going to go back to Phantom Leader after this one?

The trailer is embedded below. It's been a while since I bugged Shenandoah for a release date - I think I'll go do that right now.

UPDATE: Reports arriving from all over (though The Dukester was first) that Bulge has been submitted to the powers that be at Apple for approval.
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