Belated IGF notes: rymdkapsel and 7 Grand Steps

By Mike Nowak 17 Jan 2013 0
The reactor is heavily cubed.

We mentioned the Independent Games Festival finalists last week but there's a more couple games that deserve elaboration. The first is rymdkapsel. Maybe Owen didn't mention it because he couldn't spell it. [I never learned to read! - ed.] An honourary mention for IGF's "Excellence in Design", Martin Jonasson's rymdkapsel is a self-described slow, meditative strategy game wherein you manage a space station. The abstracted isometric flat-colour style, reminiscent of Mobigame's These monoliths are influenced from SimEarth, right?[/caption]

I contacted Martin Jonasson and he provided the attached screenshots but couldn't promise a release date. He told me "it'll be as soon as I can make it" which I'll loosely interpret as "sometime within this quarter, maybe." We'll have more word as its release nears. His latest teaser video is embedded below.

7 Grand Steps, an IGF honourary mention for narrative, is hard to classify. It's a game in which you craft the story, and history, of a family across the ages by moving characters along a mechanical coin operated wheel. A demo is currently available for Mac and PC. When asked about a potential tablet release, which I think would befit the game's interface, the developer said "if the game is successful on Windows and Macintosh, we will pursue iOS and Android ports."
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