Bumper crop: Festival of Magic teaser trailer

By Owen Faraday 17 Dec 2012 0
Pineapples and potato mashers. Ammo grows on trees.

Norwegian-made RPG Festival of Magic has come quite a long way since we first saw it back in October. What was once just a very nice-looking tech demo is now even nicer-looking and more fleshed-out in terms of features and mechanics. This new trailer shows off more environments and gameplay and I'm into it.

Festival of Magic is unmistakably influenced by JRPGs but it also seems to borrow from titles in other genres. Note the bit in the video where you're growing your own ammo - it's like a survivalist militia version of Harvest Moon. This must be the "unique harvesting system" that Snow Castle Games was making reference to before.

FoM should be along next year some time - the devs are planning an iPad port along with their PC version. Check out the new trailer below.
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