Classic strategy series Battle Isle returns this year as iOS exclusive

By Owen Faraday 10 May 2013 0
Man bag. Nice purse.

Thomas Hertzler, founder of Blue Byte and creator of The Settlers series, is back on the gaming scene at the helm of a new outfit called Stratotainment. Hertzler's first agenda item: reboot Battle Isle. The classic sci-fi wargame series hasn't seen a new game since Bill Clinton was president, but the originals were absolutely outstanding, and even spawned a pretty convincing X-Com clone as a spin-off.

Stratotainment aim to get Battle Isle: Threshold Run out for iOS (the only announced platform) in Q4 of this year -- an interesting bit of timing, given that the Battle Isle-inspired Battle Worlds Kronos is expected to drop around that time as well.

In the press statement, Hertzler promises that the rebooted Battle Isle will be "something innovative and exciting", rather than a direct sequel to the established franchise. This is still a game in the concept art and storyboard stage, though -- who knows what to expect? But hey, at least it's not a Kickstarter.
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