Cue trumpets: Warhammer Quest arrives tonight

By Owen Faraday 29 May 2013 0
That's that youngster rapper. Who's sneaking in the club?

Nine months after its original announcement and two months after my extensive hands-on preview and history of the project, Warhammer Quest is finally here and available for public consumption -- in New Zealand, anyway. The rest of us will have to wait for midnight or so in our local time zones for the App Store to tick over to Thursday.

There's no scarcity of turn-based dungeon crawlers on the App Store, but Warhammer Quest sets a new standard for the genre. Fans of loot-plundering party-based RPGs shouldn't hesitate to pick it up -- this is one of the year's best iOS games.

It's also one of the year's biggest iOS games. Warhammer Quest is so stuffed full of gameplay that my review is based on (I think) about half of the game's content -- it wasn't feasible to play any more and maintain an income and a relationship. And this is a title that Rodeo Games intends to support extensively post-launch with new characters and quests.

Now that I've thoroughly spoiled my midnight review, click through the jump to see the brand-new Warhammer Quest launch trailer.

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