Cut the red wire: ShellBlast Forever blows up next week

By Owen Faraday 18 Jan 2013 0
This ain't cut the rope. "Now if we just stay calm, no one's gonna be harmed by the huge bomb that's gonna explode any minute."

ShellBlast Forever has one of those themes that you can't believe no one's done before: a puzzle game dressed up like a bomb disposal simulator. Bomb defusing is simultaneously elevated and obfuscated by Hollywood so that when I see bomb disposal guys in the movies I think " I could do that" - even though I occasionally forget which housekey is which and used to hold 4th of July sparklers really far from my face.

Anyway, that's not just me, right? Bomb disposal is cool. And ShellBlast is one of the coolest puzzle games I've seen in a while.

David Galindo's one-man shop Vertigo Gaming is releasing ShellBlast Forever for iOS next Thursday. I've had a while to mess with it and I'm really enjoying it. From a mechanical point of view, ShellBlast has a lot in common with Minesweeper - the theme is applied convincingly but lightly. ShellBlast as much to do with real bomb defusing as a Oujia board does with long-distance calling, but the game has some really excellent production values that suck you into the bomb disposal theme. I'm super into it. I'll let you know when this one comes out next week.
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