Dominion is here. Sort of?

By Owen Faraday 16 Aug 2012 0
Games that go anywhere! Not to you, though. Games that go anywhere! Not to you, though.

I'm still scratching my head about this launch, so why don't we just talk about what we know and see if a narrative presents itself.

Last week, all of the unofficial Dominion apps disappeared, which we knew to be the coal mine canary for the arrival of an official app. The maker of the iOS app put up a notice that the official Dominion game was launching 16 August by Rio Grande's online partner, Goko.

After getting a confirmation that Dominion is indeed coming on the 16th, I don't get another word out of Rio Grande and never hear from Goko. The guys over at BGG know what's up, but can't say anything due to a news embargo imposed by Goko. In our forum and in forums all over the internet, Dominion fans start to to grumble about being left in the dark.

The embargo lifts and.. what, exactly? The BGG guys have posted a nice preview of the game, and exhort everyone to go to to play Dominion, but there's nothing there except the same private beta wall that was there last week. Go check it out for yourself. Over at Gamezebo, an interview with Goko reveals that the app should be released in the next 30 days.

So the "launch" we were told to expect is.. a press release? I'm not a marketing genius, but before I was a writer, I worked in public relations for many years. Too many. When I had a client doing a product launch related to a property people knew and liked, I would generally advise against press blackouts leading up to a launch. People want to talk about your product - don't leave them in the dark. Rumours and speculation fill the vacuum your lack of communication leaves behind pretty quickly.

The other thing I used to tell clients was to make sure that customers had something to do on launch day. Stand in line at the Apple Store. Book your IMAX tickets for Batman. What exactly are Dominion fans supposed to do today?

Go play a game that's actually been released, I guess.

UPDATE: Goko have scrubbed their launch and gone back to closed beta.
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