DroidDark: The Lords of Midnight arrives on the Play Store

By Owen Faraday 11 Jan 2013 0
Remakes always changing stuff. Was that guy in the original?

Fantasy adventure/wargame The Lords of Midnight rolled onto the iOS devices Indiana Jones-style just before the App Store's door slammed shut for Christmas, shouting over its shoulder that it would return for Android users as soon as it could. That promise has been made good on today - the retro classic is now available on the Android Market Google Play Store.

Sean just reviewed the iOS version of Lords of Midnight yesterday and he gave it high marks - as I would have, it's a brilliant experience.

Developer Chris Wild told me a couple of weeks ago that the next thing on his to-do list is porting Lords of Midnight to Windows and OSX - but once that's done he'll be working on bringing the 1985 sequel Doomdark's Revenge to your mobile devices.
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