Duty calls: Robert Bowling producing Breach & Clear for iOS and Android

By Owen Faraday 14 Feb 2013 0
Best rave ever. Green gear.

The former public face of the Call of Duty franchise, Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling will be the executive producer of iOS & Android tactical game Breach & Clear. Players will be in charge of an elite special operations unit as it performs the titular actions on strongholds around the world.

A press release yesterday said the game was coming this spring. Between this and the recently-revealed Door Kickers, there will scarcely be a door hinge left un-shotgunned anywhere on Earth pretty soon.

This is normally the part of the post where I start grumbling because Breach & Clear is going to be free-to-play - but the clever, clever lads at the aptly-named Gun Media have made me preemptively feel bad about my grousing. Part of the proceeds from Breach & Clear's IAPs will go to support disabled veterans' charities. Touché, Gun Media. Touché.

Strategy games set in the Call of Duty franchise have been speculated about for a long time, though we haven't heard much in that vein since Activision decapitated Infinity Ward and Bowling ran for the exits. This game could fit that niche very nicely - it's not as if the Call of Duty "universe" consists of any elements more specific than shouty men with guns. Well,
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